25 de May de 2018
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About us
About us

LottoHoy is an intermediation service between the Lottery Administrations in Spain (SELAE - Sociedad Estatal de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado) and clients interested in buying tickets for the various games that SELAE proposes.

LottoHoy is a trade name owned by DDBO Entertainment, S.L.

Our team:

LottoHoy’s team has extensive experience in both the online and physical entertainment industry, as well as the provision of lottery services.

The whole purchase process follows a rigorous control by our team to ensure that both, the selection of bets and the collection of prizes are carried out in an optimal way.

Our mission:

We do not want to be simply a website that sells online lottery, we want to focus our services to positive results, and it is therefore key to choose the right partner.

At LottoHoy we are committed to dedication, diligence and rigor with our clients. Being by your side, listening and responding to your needs.

Therefore, when we take the purchase order to manage all bets of our clients to the Lottery Administrations, we do it with the maximum guarantees of security and comfort. The official lottery tickets remain in safe deposit box of the Official Point of Sale that has validated the bet.

What we offer:
  • We provide the best product and the most accurate service.

  • Immediate information through LottoHoy's own platform (both web and mobile) and / or eMail of the results and prizes obtained.

  • Prizes are immediately deposited into the client's account so that they are always ready for collection.

  • Open 24/7 365 days a year

  • We provide tools and statistics to the individual player and syndicates.

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