25 de May de 2018
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Affiliate Program
What is it?

LottoHoy is the leading website for official lottery tickets online. The affiliate program wants to share the benefits generated by users who play on our site with you.

In short, you as webmaster, or person who is able to send players, receive a percentage of all the profits generated by the users of bees sent.

How does it work?
1. Register in our affiliate program.
2. Get approved.
3. Promote LottoHoy and our games.
4. See your benefits grow!
1. More benefits

We pay more than any other lottery site.

2. Higher convertion

Get mor buyers for all your registered players.

3. Fast payments

We pay all your customers.
No minimum required.

4. Account Manager

You will have a personal account manager to provide you with all information needed.

Frequent questions
What commission do I receive as an affiliate?

It depends solely on you. The more players you send and the more you play the higher your commissions are.

How do I attract more users?

You can promote any of our lotteries and offer your own promotions. You can also talk to your manager and get an exclusive promotion for your players.

How do I know how many players I sent?

When you register with us your manager will provide you with unique links that include an identification code. All users who register using this link will be linked by life to your affiliate account.

How and when did you receive my payments?

Payments are made on the 10th of each month. These payments correspond to the commissions generated between the 1st and 30th of the previous month.

Marketing materials?

We have all kinds of images of the lists for use on their websites, and if you need some size or the same special need you just have to ask your Manager and our team of designers to create. Latest lottery drawings.

Do you need more info?

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will solve all your doubts in the shortest possible time. Contact Now.

JACKPOT57.000.000 €
Friday, 25/05/18
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JACKPOT5.400.000 €
Sunday, 27/05/18
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JACKPOT400.000 €
Friday, 25/05/18
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JACKPOT40.000 €
Sunday, 27/05/18
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