Another UK Lottery winner!

Latest UK Lotto winner

£17.1 million Winning Jackpot in UK Lottery on 6/23/2018

Only 28 days after giving away the latest jackpot of the UK Lottery, on May 26th 2018, in which two winners split £ 4.6m, now the pot has been claimed by a possible winner who remains, until now, anonymous.

This anonymous winner has broken the statistical probabilities that shows that the chances of hitting the maximum combination are 1 between 45 million approximately.

And like him, there are thousands of people who play the UK lottery twice a week with the hope of winning a prize. Prize that will never come for those who does not play.

In this same draw, there was also a single winner of 5 + 1, who won the amount of £78,275, and a total of 1.305097 people matched 2 numbers that allows them to play in the next free draw.

Advice to the first prize winners

The UK Lottery, managed by Camelot UK Lotteries Limited, has a department called Winners Advisor that intermediates and advises the winners of big prizes.

All winners from a certain amount and above, are visited by one of the seven members of the Winner Advisor, but they are not allowed to advise financially. On the other hand the smaller prizes, receive some information brochures.

Odds of winning

Every week 50 million people buy tickets for the weekly UK Lottery raffles.

To win a prize is possibly easier than what it seems at first glance, because the individual prizes are better compared to other lotteries:

    • In the UK Lottery there are 49 numbers to choose from, that means there are 9 times more chances to win than if you play for example EuroMillions.
    • There are two weekly draws, with a main prize that accumulates in case there are no winners. The jackpot starts with a minimum amount of £ 2m for Wednesday’s draw, and £ 4m for Saturday’s draw.
  • There are also some super special draws that offer a prize of £ 15m or more. These raffles are held on dates not specified during the course of the year.

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