19 de March de 2018
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The history of la Quiniela, de Spanish football game

Historia de la Quiniela


The Quiniela is the favourite lottery game for all football fans. We are all (or we believe we are) great at everything related with football and that we can easily predict the outcome of all matches.

Unfortunately, after seeing the first results we realize that it is not so easy.

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LottoHoy answer all your questions about the EuroMillions

Questions and answers about the EuroMillions


The EuroMillions is the most important lottery game in Europe, is the one that accumulates the bigger jackpots. For this reason many times we can raise some doubts.

In the following lines you will find a complete guide with the most frequent questions and answers about the EuroMillions game. From the most basic rules, the times in which the draw is held, even if there are any associated taxes.

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Those who play the lottery, have already won, because they believe in their success.


Achieving success requires regular participation and a positive attitude. Being optimistic in life is imperative, since having a favorable view towards the game makes the positive results fly to us like a boomerang.

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LOTTERIES: "Bargain or Risk"


Under this title LOTTERIES: "Bargain or Risk" we are going to make a small review of emotions, both from the player"s point of view and from the point of view of any gambling organizer.


In the world of lotteries both "Bargain and risks" can affect both game parties, and that is precisely what makes it interesting.

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The biggest prizes in EuroMillions history



Since February 2004 when the Euromillons lottery was introduced until today, only two maximum prizes of 190 million euros have been awarded.


It is curious how is planned for the maximum prize limit to reach no more than 190 million euros.

In case the prize or the sum of the prize exceeded all the funds coming from the sale of tickets that should serve to increase the boat, the prizes must be transferred to the next winning category.

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