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Comparison between Triplex and the Eurojackpot

Triplex de la ONCE

The Triplex and the Eurojackpot, despite being both lotteries from the ONCE are not comparable among them since they have two different lottery concepts. While Eurojackpot It is a weekly lottery with prizes based on the collection and a few accumulative jackpots for the first-class winners, The Triplex, is a bet that is drawn twice […]

Differences between SuperOnce ya! and Eurojackpot

SuperOnce vs Eurojackpot

Superonceya! and Eurojackpot are two draws under the brand of ONCE (National Blind Organization of Spain), but of different design. The Eurojackpot is a lottery of European character and in which several European countries participate, while the SuperOnce is a type of bet that ONCE organises exclusively in Spain. The SuperOnce of the ONCE The […]

How to search Eurojackpot in Google?

How to write Eurojackpot

We have been thinking about how many ways you can get to search in google or any other search engine, the word Eurojackpot. Many lottery players looking for information about Eurojackpot usually write the word correctly in the search engine, but depending on how it is written, the results it offers can be very variable. […]

Which one is better, the Baloto Lottery or Eurojackpot?

Diferencias entre Baloto y Eurojackpot

Many Colombian users are unaware of the advantages of playing Eurojackpot, despite the fact that the game system and features are quite similar to Baloto. The Baloto lottery is an exclusive lottery from Colombia, on the other hand, Eurojackpot is a European lottery organized by different countries, which makes it possible to achieve millionaire prizes […]

The Eurojackpot gold

El oro del Eurojackpot

All the lotteries have their own logo, and in their ads they show an attractive image, something that picks attention of the public and invites them to participate in its draws. Actually the Eurojackpot goes a little further. Perhaps their logo is one of the most spectacular although it is simple in its design: two […]

Is it possible to dream the lottery winning combination?

Gail the Eurojackpot winner

The player who dreams the Eurojackpot numbers Every lottery player has ever dreamed of a certain combination of numbers to play that will make them to win the jackpot. Usually, that dreamed combination coincides with important dates or units of things that are very familiar. But the case of Gail B. Gibson, a “dreamer” from […]