News – Eurojackpot

Is it possible to dream the lottery winning combination?

Gail the Eurojackpot winner

The player who dreams the Eurojackpot numbers Every lottery player has ever dreamed of a certain combination of numbers to play that will make them to win the jackpot. Usually, that dreamed combination coincides with important dates or units of things that are very familiar. But the case of Gail B. Gibson, a “dreamer” from […]

Why you should play the Eurojackpot

Eurojackpot vs Euromillions

Quality – Price of the Eurojackpot lottery In Europe there are 2 transnational lottery games (the Eurojackpot and the EuroMillions) that are jointly organized by several European countries: (18 countries jointly organize Eurojackpot, and 9 countries organize the EuroMillions). The Eurojackpot was born as a result of the success of the EuroMillions, and and it […]

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