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Can the Brexit affect Euromillions?

Brexit will affect Euromillions

After the Brexit referendum (the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union), the economic repercussions that this exit can have by not having a free trade agreement are being discussed. But can this affect the EuroMillions players in the UK? Playing EuroMillions will not be affected at all by the exit, and will remain a […]

The most frequent Euromillions numbers

Frequent numbers in Euromillions

Luck is very present in lottery draws, and of course, in EuroMillions. Each draw has new expectations and diverse results. For students of EuroMillions statistics, there are some constants that can be seen in the draws held to date: Initially, the draw was based on the extraction of five balls numbered between 1 and 50, […]

How to win the EuroMillions

Como ganar el Euromillones

Has anyone ever dreamed of winning a big lottery prize? Maybe Euromillions? Possibly all the readers of this article, even knowing that it is difficult, but the illusion is not lost. It is played to win! What to play for fun must be for sports or the PlayStation, although we believe that in both cases […]

Big Friday a super-draw of EuroMillions

The Euromillions Big Friday

Big Friday, also known as Superdraw, was established with a guaranteed minimum jackpot of 130 million euros, complementary to an ordinary EuroMillions raffle, but without a predetermined date. What is the Big Friday? Big Friday is a draw of EuroMillions with very extraordinary characteristics that put into play a guaranteed minimum jackpot. Several occasions are […]

The Millionaire Maker a complement of the Euromillions

The Millionaire Maker

Since the EuroMillions lottery was created in 2004 with the clear intention of becoming the main lottery for Europe, it created raffle after raffle, many new millionaires. In these 14 years of existence, there have been several changes in its regulation and in the format of the game. In September 2016, a series of changes […]

El Millón, the Euromillions complementary draw for Spain

El millón de Euromillones

What is El Millón de Euromillones? El Millón is a game of chance that is played in Spain jointly with EuroMillions since September 2016. The new game was created to give the participants of the main Euromillions draw an extra option to get an extraordinary prize. In some other European Country, of those that make up […]