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The lottery and the celebrities, they like to play as well.

Christmas Lottery, Justin - Vazquez

Celebrities also play the lottery Playing the lottery is part of the tradition not only of the Spaniards, but also deeply rooted throughout the world. Various lotteries constantly invite all kinds of people to play, regardless of their economic position, the position they represent or even if they are nationally famous in the country. Being […]

The taxes of the lotteries that are played in Spain

The taxes of the lotteries that are played in Spain

Did you know that it is common for taxes to be paid on lotteries for everything gained from a certain amount? The excitement of winning may blind our criteria, but, … certainly taxes have to be paid on lotteries in Spain as in many other countries. If you did not know, we will inform you […]

La Grossa de Sant Jordi 2018, second edition of the draw

The Grossa Sant Jordi

As it happened last year at this time, Lotería de Catalunya puts into circulation the tickets for “La Grossa” of Sant Jordi. After several draws of the New Years “La Grossa” that Lottery of Catalonia has been celebrating every December 31, the past year of 2017 they surprised us with an extraordinary draw for Sant […]

Fun facts about the lottery that maybe you did not know

Curiosities of the lottery

Playing the lottery is a tradition in Spain, it is one of the most popular games for Spaniards for hundreds of years. And recently also for interested people from other countries that play through the internet attracted mainly by the extraordinary raffle prizes. “Playing the lottery” as “Echar la quiniela” has a shocking role in […]

Habits of lucky people

Habits of lucky people

There are different types of people: the people to whom the universe smiles on a daily basis and the people who, no matter how hard they try, find themselves on bad terms with good luck. We should not go to the extremes and remember that there are people who have both good and bad days, […]

The history of la Quiniela, the Spanish football game

La Quiniela of football

The Quiniela is the favourite lottery game for all football fans. We are all (or we believe we are) great at everything related with football and that we can easily predict the outcome of all matches. Unfortunately, after seeing the first results we realize that it is not so easy. How and who created the […]

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