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Which is better the Primitive or the Quiniela?

Lotería La Primitiva

Both lotteries are framed within the games of chance, but while one, La Primitiva is considered as a lottery of numbers, and is based on a random system of number selection, the Quiniela, can be considered as a game of intuition based on more measurable parameters. The football pool is a type of lottery that […]

What lottery is better, Melate or La Primitiva?

Que es mejor Melate o Primitiva

Melate is part of the set of games and lotteries managed by the National Lottery of Mexico and Forecasts for Public Assistance (Institution of the Mexican government created with the purpose of raising funds that are then earmarked for public assistance). Differences between Melate and La Primitiva. Possibly many Mexican players, know the lotteries of […]

The numbers that come out the most in La Primitiva

Most frequent numbers in la primitiva

On the lotteries based on the extraction of numbered balls, as is the case of the Primitiva, all numbers have the same possibilities to come out. The Primitiva is a draw that takes place every Thursday and Saturday, in which 6 main balls are drawn (between 1 and 49), plus a seventh ball for the […]

Probabilities of winning La Primitiva

La Primitiva y sus probabilidades

Much has been written about the probabilities of matching the 6 numbers of the winning combination of La Primitiva. When a player fills in a ticket he usually does not think about the number of possible combinations that may exist. Searching the internet, either in pages that offer data on the La Primitiva draws, as […]

The most famous millionaire of La Primitiva

Pancho el perro de la Primitiva

In general, lottery winners prefer to remain anonymous, do not like fame and they are restrained in their public appearances. But in some cases La Primitiva winners have not followed this unwritten rule, and have flaunted their new economic situation, spending here and there and finally being in a worse than before winning the prize. […]