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Deadlines for claiming lottery prizes

Plazo para reclamar premios loteria

The maximum period of time for claiming lottery prizes is not indefinite, there are deadlines for claiming them, and each lottery organizer sets a maximum date from the date of the corresponding draw. The American lotteries, such as Megamillions and Powerball, which are established in various states, have sales and prizes in common, but there […]

The “pubs” in the UK, a place for meetings, games and lotteries

Pub inglés UK Lotto

The “Pubs” or “public house” is the preferred place for the English people to meet, have a beer and participate in some of the events organized by them. According to historians, the first knowledge of this type of establishment (groundsel), should be around the year 73 AD, as they arrived to the British Islands imported […]

£10,000 monthly for life in the UK Lottery

Pagos mensuales UK Lottery

The Camelot Group, through its subsidiary Camelot Uk Lotteries Limited, is preparing a change in its payment system to offer the possibility that the winners of large jackpots may receive their prize in fractions, at a rate of a monthly payment of £10,000. As a result of the changes that Camelot made in June 2015 […]

Another UK Lottery winner!

Latest UK Lotto winner

£17.1 million Winning Jackpot in UK Lottery on 6/23/2018 Only 28 days after giving away the latest jackpot of the UK Lottery, on May 26th 2018, in which two winners split £ 4.6m, now the pot has been claimed by a possible winner who remains, until now, anonymous. This anonymous winner has broken the statistical […]