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Lucky charms for the OZ Lotto

Amuletos OZ Lotto

Oz Lotto, is one of the national lottery games of Australia. Its history is quite recent, since it started in February of 1994, but in spite of its “youth”, it is not exempt of rites, legends and amulets very esteemed by the old inhabitants. Today, the Oz Lotto and many other lotteries worldwide, have expanded […]

Oz Lotto rewarded his loyalty with a prize

Otro ganador con la OZ Lotto

José María SB, a farmer in Baños de Encina province of Jaén, was one of the first customers of our online platform. Initially LottoHoy offered the intermediation in the purchase of lottery of Spain (primitiva, bonoloto, el gordo, national lottery of Christmas, the football pool, and all the games that LAE organizes) in addition to […]