News – Saturday Lotto

Advantages of playing Saturday Lotto online

Ventajas d ejugar Saturday Lotto

The main advantage is precisely that, “to be able to play Saturday Lotto” the people who do not have the possibility of visiting or living in any of the territories that sell this lottery. Through online platforms, players from around the world can access the weekly Saturday Lotto raffles and benefit from the prizes they […]

Saturday Lotto gives away the “jackpot” every week

Saturday lotto reparte bote cada semana

The explanation is very simple, it does not have a cumulative jackpot. The rules stipulate a fixed maximum prize of AUD $ 4,000,000 to distribute among the possible winners, with the particularity that if there is only one winner, the amount that he earns will be AUD $ 1,000,000. No millionaire jackpots are generated because […]