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The most popular numbers in the SuperEnalotto

The most popular numbers in the SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto is perhaps one of the most curious lottery games because of its precedents. What is known today as SuperEnalotto, was introduced towards the end of 1997, when it came to replace the game of Enalotto, which was in force since the 50s. The game ticket was very similar to the football betting game, where […]

The Mexican Lottery Chispazo, easy or difficult?

Lotería chispazo mexicana

Determine if the lottery Chispazo it is easier or harder than any other lottery, it is answered by the “depends” factor. It depends on which lottery you compare with. We have made a comparison between the Mexican Chispazo and the Italian SuperEnalotto (for some, considered the most difficult lottery) to see the characteristics of one […]

The Fontana di Trevi and the SuperEnalotto

Ladrón Fontana di Trevi

Two Italian symbols very well known and closely related to money, luck and love. In both cases, people from all over the world approach them wishing that, in exchange for a few coins, luck could smile to them. Acquiring one or several SuperEnalotto lottery tickets, for a small amount you have the chance to get […]

How the SuperEnalotto jackpot increases

Como crece el bote de superenalotto

The SuperEnalotto has 3 draws each week: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, with exceptional occasions provided in the rules, in which for reasons of festivities or other circumstances, a raffle has moved date and has gone to coincide with another draw on two consecutive days. This happened 2 times in the last two years. Concretely […]

Superenalotto gives away its 120 jackpot

Superenalotto 120 Jackpot

The jackpot number 120 of SuperEnalotto On June 23rd of 2018, 45 lucky people who had acquired a €7 stake bet in the “Bacheca dei Sistemi”, from the hand of SISAL Italia, were the winners of this special draw. These 45 people will share the € 51,300,000 prize corresponding to the first category (6 numbers […]