Comparison between Triplex and the Eurojackpot

Triplex de la ONCE

The Triplex and the Eurojackpot, despite being both lotteries from the ONCE are not comparable among them since they have two different lottery concepts. While Eurojackpot It is a weekly lottery with prizes based on the collection and a few accumulative jackpots for the first-class winners, The Triplex, is a bet that is drawn twice a day to get a maximum prize of € 150.

What is the Triplex of La ONCE

The Triplex recalls the beginnings of the first raffles that ONCE carried out in 1939, when it was known as “Coupon pro-ciegos“. It was a lottery that was held independently in each province, and initially had a price of 10 cents, which would be equivalent today to € 0.0006.

Like the new game Triplex, that “pro-blind coupon” consisted of 3 digits between 000 and 999. Play the Triplex consists of choosing 3 numbers between 0 and 9, to form a combination between 000 and 999.

The jackpot is not very high, but in compensation the price of the bet is also low, only € 0.50 per bet.

As in almost all types of lotteries and bets today, they are made through terminals that allow the option to directly choose the combination of numbers that you want to bet, or allow the system itself randomly through the terminal choose a combination random.

You can place several bets on the same ticket and for the same draw, simply indicate the number of combinations you want to play.

Two draws are held every day from Monday to Sunday. The first draw of the day is held at 12:00 h., And the second about 21:15 h.

There are up6 award categories, depending of the number of hits:



Description Unit Award

for every bet

1ra. Match the three balls in the same order with the winning combination € 150
2nd. Match the three balls in any order, with the winning combination € 10
3rd. Match 2 first balls in the same order, with the winning combination 2 €
4th. Match the last 2 balls in the same order, with the winning combination 2 €
5th. Match the first balls, in the same order with the winning combination € 0.50
6th. Match the last balls, in the same order with the winning combination € 0.50

The regulation of this game, establishes that it will not be considered a cumulative prize, being made the payment on the highest prize obtained only.

Differences between Triplex and Eurojackpot

Both games are operating in Spain through ONCE (National Organization for Blind people in Spain).

You can exclusively play the Triplex in Spain and the Eurojackpot , is European, although through online platforms like you can play Eurojackpot from anywhere in the world.

We see in the following chart the most notable differences:

The Triplex Eurojackpot
Price minimum bet € 0.50 €2.50
Maximum prize € 150 €90,000,000
Categories prizes 6 12
Number of draws 2 daily 1 weekly
Probabilities maximum prize 1 of 1,000 1 of 95.344.200
Probabilities any prize 1 of 10 1 of 42