Don’t be scammed in Mega Millions

Estafas en la Mega Millions

How to detect a scam in MegaMillions

There are individuals who want to get rich at the expense of people who are excited about winning the Mega Millions. They, fraudulently, will use the name of the lottery to contact their possible victims.

If you play Mega Millions phisically, buying the ticket directly from an authorized establishment, be assured that no one, under any pretext, will contact you via email, telephone or through social media to tell you that you have won a great prize.

If, on the other hand, you are an online regular player, always be careful to play with companies or legal platforms that meet all the security requirements on the internet, just like we do at LottoHoy. If you have registered an account, you will receive your winnings directly in your user balance.

Scammers seek thousand ways to convince their victim to provide personal or financial data and send money under the excuse of alleged expenses, taxes, intermediation fees, etc …


Methods used by scammers in lottery

The first and foremost advice is not to trust if someone tells you that you have won a prize in a lottery in which you have not participated. Then, monitor the way they try to contact the victim:

Be careful with eMail requests: In general, scammers send an email to the possible victim, informing them that they have been lucky and won a large amount of money, for which they must pay a fee or tax to collect it.

Another hook in this type of communication by eMail, is to indicate that the prizes can be claimed by clicking a link. In this case it is possible they want to install a spyware into your system to steal the information in your computer.

Communications by ordinary mail: As in the case of email, the scammer will try to convince the victim to send a certain amount of money to collect the prize.

Also by phone: Usually it is a personalized communication, with people used to cheat.

They are usually identify themselves as Mega Millions staff to make it more credible in order to ask for a certain amount of money to pay collection fees. In other cases they will try to get the victim’s bank details to access their accounts.
Another form of scam over the phone, is to send a text message to contact a certain number that will inform you of the prize and how to access the payment. In general, the phone number they indicate to call is usually a high-rate number.

Scam through social networks: In these cases as in the previous ones, the system is usually identical, the scammers will get in touch through Facebook, Twitter or another social media platform saying that you have won an important prize in Mega Millions.