Habits of lucky people

Habits of lucky people

There are different types of people: the people to whom the universe smiles on a daily basis and the people who, no matter how hard they try, find themselves on bad terms with good luck. We should not go to the extremes and remember that there are people who have both good and bad days, but, what is the secret of good fortune? Perhaps if we observe the habits of fortunate people we understand it.

They do positive Thinking

Positive people

They are those kind of people who see the glass half full all the time, the stones in the road are not more than small tests that life puts them to grow. They do not immerse themselves in sad or negative thoughts, they believe that everything happens for a reason and every moment lived is a learning.

When making any decision they do not think that they will fail, they don’t put themselves in the worst scenario if they lose, they think they are worthy of the best of luck and for them it is common that things to happen in their your. When they bet or take risks, they do not think of things like “I”ll never be able to get it”, “It”s difficult that this happen to me, it always hurts me”, “That does not happen to ordinary people like me” or the typical “It”s too good to be true”.

They trust themselves

They are that type of people, who, instead of venturing for others, bet for themselves; They believe they are ready to get whatever they want. These people you will never see deliberately judging others, nor pointing out the shortcomings or mistakes of other people, because that is only synonymous with insecurities.

This is a very important point because why others will trust you when you do not have a bit of faith in yourself? Confidence in yourself is vital, so that others respect you and so that the universe perceives that you are a person who deserves your attention. For example, the habits of the lucky people when they take on any challenge is to believe that they are capable of doing it, that nothing will be impossible for them, and that if they make a mistake it is to do it better when they try again.

They usually declare and ask

That”s right, within the habits of fortunate people we will find that before doing something new, they usually declare that they will do well and ask that this be so. It may seem stupid to believe that by saying that you will achieve something you will really achieve it, but as hard to believe it is, if it happens.

Of course, there are things that you know are not possible and waiting for them to happen is not realistic (Like asking for wings to come out and declaring that you are going to fly, or jumping from a fifth floor and thinking that you will not die), but, Why not make this a habit from day to day? It”s easy, start with small things like saying “Today is going to be a good day”, “on this day I have a goal and I”ll get it” or “I’m healthy and happy”. Little by little both you and the universe will assume these words. If you want to achieve this you must practice it every day.

It is very important to keep in mind that all you decree can be fulfilled, the universe does not differentiate between bad and good, if in a moment of anger you think and say something will go wrong, so it will happen to you. The thoughts you have, good or negative, will be taken in the same way as decrees.

They see the light where everyone sees darkness

Sometimes we can’t avoid some things to happen, things that surpass us, because we are human beings and we feel pain, anger, sadness, disappointment or frustration. All of us, without exception, at some point experience some of these feelings, but it is not among the habits of fortunate people to be blinded by these emotions, they usually see opportunities after defeats.

Fortunate people are not perfect people, they also make mistakes and lose, but instead of thinking “I tried for nothing” they think “All the defeats leave a learning, something I had to learn from this situation”. Each victory is a pleasant moment in their lives, which, due to being common, they usually take with normality, but each defeat is a different experience, because a situation is posed where they will be allowed to grow as individuals and thus they perceive it.

When they make mistakes they do not believe that they are less capable; They do not lose confidence in who they are. This is what differentiates them from the common people, they do not believe that “failure is only for people who have failed”. They are emotionally intelligent people and see opportunities where others only see losses.

They do not live their lives waiting for something to happen

They understand that the only thing that happens while you wait for something to happen is life. So they run to live it, understand that without risks there are no real gains and that stability is not always synonymous with wellbeing, neither economic nor emotional. Do not pretend that the results of your life will be different if you always do the same.

In short, good fortune is nothing more than a matter of attitude and self-confidence, positive thoughts and an open mind. Do not cling to the safe nor tie yourself to a life full of insecurities … TAKE THE RISK.