How the SuperEnalotto jackpot increases

Como crece el bote de superenalotto

The SuperEnalotto has 3 draws each week: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, with exceptional occasions provided in the rules, in which for reasons of festivities or other circumstances, a raffle has moved date and has gone to coincide with another draw on two consecutive days.

This happened 2 times in the last two years. Concretely on December 12th and 13th of 2016 and on December 18th and 19th of 2017.

It is also known that the minimum guaranteed amount for the first category prize is 2 million euros, “the minimum jackpot”.

Then, how is it possible to get to those super millionaire SuperEnalotto prizes?

The explanation is very simple, in each raffle the volume of sales makes of jackpot increase an average of € 1,000,000. (approximately 17.4% of the collection).

Statistically the increase for Thursday’s draw is usually somewhat lower than in the other two draws. And only on the occasions that we previously mentioned that two raffles were held on two consecutive days, the collection had a significant drop. The collection for the draw of 13/12/2016 was only 700,000 euros, and the corresponding lottery on December 19, 2017, was only 300,000 euros.

The first pot after a big prize

The inertia of the players when the prizes are growing, usually makes that in the immediately draw after giving away the jackpot, the amount raised for that draw  is much higher than expected.

Let’s see a short summary of the last 2 years:

On 10/27/2016, the second highest prize is distributed to date and for a single winner. (the biggest prize of the SuperEnalotto to date was the day 30/10/2010, with an amount of 177.7 million euros, distributed among the 7 people who form part of a syndicate).

Surprisingly, on the next draw, on th 10/29/2016, the collected amount was 41.1 million euros. That was the result of a lot of players who had advanced their bet without  knowing when the Goddess Fortune would touch with his wand to one or several lucky players.

The next accumulated jackpot is delivered on 2/25/2017, after 52 raffles, with an accumulated amount of € 93,720,843. For the next draw, only 3 days later, the amount of the pot was 11.9 million euros.

After 67 raffles, another extraordinary prize was given away on the 1/8/2017 with an amount of € 77,735,412. In the following draw, on August 3rd, the planned jackpot was 17.2 million euros.

It took 112 raffles to see another millionaire prize, this time with € 130,195,242 and also for a single winner on 4/17/2018. Following the same path for the next draw, the one corresponding to 4/19/2018, a pot of 24 million euros was offered.

The next boat, it was known very soon, only 29 raffles later, on 6/23/2018 with an amount of € 51,316,029. The pot for the next draw, on 6/26/2018 is set at 6.6 million euros, possibly because the interest on the last draw, had not reached an excessively exciting amount.

In any case, the best jackpot is still coming.