Is it possible to dream the lottery winning combination?

Gail the Eurojackpot winner

The player who dreams the Eurojackpot numbers

Every lottery player has ever dreamed of a certain combination of numbers to play that will make them to win the jackpot. Usually, that dreamed combination coincides with important dates or units of things that are very familiar.

But the case of Gail B. Gibson, a “dreamer” from Liverpool, is different. She does not dream, she believes that she “sees”, in her dreams, the lottery balls, or at least her results prove it.

Gibson is a regular player of online platforms. She tries to diversify her purchases among those lotteries that have the biggest jackpots and the ones that have that have a fixed percentage for each category, such as the Eurojackpot or SuperEnalotto; unlike other lotteries that may have high jackpots in the first category, but lower prizes determined with a fixed amount of money for the rest of categories.

Gail’s method to play and win the Eurojackpot

Gail has won prizes for a total amount of € 94,312 during the last two years. Most of them achieved playing the Eurojackpot, except for a big hit she got from SuperEnalotto.

She makes her calculations based on the odds of obtaining a prize between the third and fifth category, which is where to date she has had the best results.

Is this a coincidence or clairvoyance? Her case is a mystery that only she knows how to decipher. Sometimes she is asked:  if your “dreams” are apparently so real, how is it that you have never fully met the 5 + 2 Eurojackpot or the 6 SuperEnalotto? A broad smile is her first response, followed by “¡Luck is for those who seek it!”.

Some of the important prizes she has won until today are: The biggest prize was on March 30th of  2017 at SuperEnalotto, matching 5 numbers that gave her € 53,287.52.

She has also won several prizes between € 4,000 and € 5,000 in Eurojackpot and more than 40 small prizes with amounts between € 200 and € 500 from the various lotteries in which she participates.