Lucky charms for the OZ Lotto

Amuletos OZ Lotto

Oz Lotto, is one of the national lottery games of Australia. Its history is quite recent, since it started in February of 1994, but in spite of its “youth”, it is not exempt of rites, legends and amulets very esteemed by the old inhabitants.

Today, the Oz Lotto and many other lotteries worldwide, have expanded their sales globally through online lottery gaming platforms and thousands of people are playing based on their beliefs and seeking the complicity of amulets.

There are many types of lottery players, there are the mathematicians who calculate each probability to win, there are also those who leave everything to luck, believing that fate will put in their way the winning numbers and there are the superstitious, those who believe that through lucky charms can help each other so the luck gets on their side.

Most famous amulets to be lucky.

If you are one of the players who surround themselves with amulets to attract luck, here we are going to show some of the most famous that are also used by the Oz Lotto players. Let’s see some examples:

The 4-leaf clover

Although of its Irish tradition, four-leaf clovers are considered a symbol of luck or magic since immemorial time.

Some stories tell that these few plants give the power to see fairies, although the simple fact of finding a four leaf clover already in itself can bring you luck.

It is not mathematically proved, but it is said that there is 1  4-leave clover for every normal clover. So if you are lucky to find one, keep it in your wallet and always carry it with you, it will bring you luck in everything you play.

The horseshoe

There are many stories that speak about this element. One of them says that for a long time a blacksmith put iron shoes on the devil and he promised to get away from all the houses that had a horseshoe in the door.

Although there has been much speculation on the subject that if them bring luck or not, just in case you find one, hang it with the tips up on the door of your home or office so that luck will smile to you.

The turtle

It is believed that turtles bring luck due to its longevity. In countries like Cuba they say that if you let a turtle walk on your lottery ticket it will give you luck and you will be much more likely to win.

In Cuba, as in Australia or anywhere else in the world, have a turtle walk over your Oz Lotto ticket. Just in case!

The rabbit foot

Another ancient legend says that to really be lucky, you must capture a rabbit on a dark night in the cemetery, and that while you carry its left leg in your left pocket you will be protected from evil spirits, and you will attract the luck towards you

However, we recommend the artificial rabbit legs, the possibly attract the same luck and so you will not harm the poor animal.


Those lovely little bugs have always been considered to bring good luck in many countries. The more red he is and the more black spots he has, the better luck he brings.

You must be sensitive to them and in case it lay on top, let her fly alone so that good luck comes.

Unfortunately in urbanized cities and towns it is difficult to find this little lucky animal. For these cases, we recommend that you entrust yourself to Saint Cono.

The prayer of Saint Cono

Patron of good luck and the lucky ones, and by extension to lottery and gambling players.

For the believers, it is convenient to have a picture of this saint and pray to him. Take it with your right hand and stare at it, repeating the following prayer aloud:

Saint Cono Divino Saint, you who help the humble, show
you the way to have good luck in the game, help us get everything we want.
That we have good luck in gambling,
that in business you make good profit, and have luck, to help others.
Saint Cono,give me luck, money and work,

These are just some of the lucky charms to win the lottery, there are many more, so you can find the one of your preference, we only remind you that no amulet will work if you do not have faith in it and do not evoke all your positive energies, as well now to buy that lottery ticket and great luck!

Oz Lotto

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