Play Lotto Zambia Online

Lotto Zambia is the first national lottery in Zambia, officially created basically to play online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and with the convenience of being able to play from any place or situation.

A lottery of recent creation, but with very important growth expectations, and that will fill players with enthusiasm for the price / awards.

How to play Lotto Zambia?

Lotto Zambia, is a lottery with high odds of winning, for its simplicity because it is based on a matrix 6/36, or what is the same, the player has to choose 6 numbers from a table that shows 36 in total, and has up to 4 categories of prizes, with a guaranteed minimum for the first category, and jackpots cumulative.

What days does Lotto Zambia play?

Two weekly draws, on Wednesday and Saturday nights, at 9:00 PM CAT

How much does Lotto Zambia cost?

Lotto Zambia’s single bet is really cheap, only K 5.00 (approximately 0,342 €).

How to buy Lotto Zambia

Buying and playing Lotto Zambia is easy and simple through our platform:

  • When you access the Lotto Zambia game page, you will see 5 game tables or columns, also called “lines” each with 36 boxes numbered from 1 to 36 respectively.
  • You can play a single line or column, or as many as you want. In addition to the 5 shown, you can request more lines to play by clicking on the “MORE LINES” button to place more bets.
  • In each column or line, you must dial 6 numbers out of the 36 available.
  • This selection of 6 numbers can be done manually by ticking each box, or allow the system to choose the combination of the 6 numbers at random by ticking the “quick selection” box that appears when the cursor passes over the top of each column.
  • By clicking on the “CONTINUE” box, you access the payment page. There the player can confirm or add more bets, including other lotteries.
  • On the payments page, the various payment options offered by the platform are shown, from direct payment with credit/debit cards, or also through electronic purses such as Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, ecoPay, etc. …

Lotto Zambia Awards

There is a guaranteed minimum prize of K 120,000 (approximately 8,220 €), for the first category, which would be accumulated for subsequent draws in the event that there are no winners in that category.

There are 4 categories of prizes, respectively for the winners of 6, 5, 4 and 3 successes.