25 de May de 2018
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Friday, 25/05/18
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Sunday, 27/05/18
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Friday, 25/05/18
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Sunday, 27/05/18
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The lottery service for business makes easier to buy lottery tickets for any National Lottery draw, either for Christmas, extraordinary and/or weekly draws. It is also possible to participate in the Catalonian lottery and the draws of La Grossa


Get rid of the responsibility of being "in charge" of taking control of the collections, to make the partitions, to keep the tickets...


Can you imagine how to make it really easy?


Well, as easy as registering at LottoHoy and get in touch to let us know your needs.


The service ranges from booking and purchasing the numbers to the carrying out the shares. Some of its advantages are:


  • To be able to maintain the privacy of the participants.
  • The number of participations or tickets that each participant acquires and the confidentiality of the individuals who don"t want other people know if they have bought a ticket or not is kept in secret.
  • Avoid being "the person in charge" of all the paraphernalia that a lottery involves.
  • Be sure that the tickets are safe and guarded in the Administration"s vault thus avoiding inconvenience and possible losses.
  • In case of winning a prize, a notification via email is sent, and the amounts that correspond to each one of the winners are directly transferred into their personal accounts.
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