Superenalotto gives away its 120 jackpot

Superenalotto 120 Jackpot

The jackpot number 120 of SuperEnalotto

On June 23rd of 2018, 45 lucky people who had acquired a €7 stake bet in the “Bacheca dei Sistemi”, from the hand of SISAL Italia, were the winners of this special draw.

These 45 people will share the € 51,300,000 prize corresponding to the first category (6 numbers + Joly + Supestar). In total net and once the corresponding tax has been deducted, they have won something more than 1 million euros for each one.

As it is an individual prize of more than €52,000, the regulation establishes that payment must be requested through a bank transfer in favor of the holder of the ticket with the winning combination.

The prize claim must be made within 90 days from the day after the draw was held. Payment by the paying agency when the prize exceeds one million euros is made 91 days after the draw.

The previous jackpot had been delivered just two months ago, to a single winner, and 29 successive raffles were needed without any first category winner to accumulate this extraordinary new jackpot.


The biggest pot of SuperEnaLotto

It was October 30th of 2010, when the accumulation of consecutive jackpots reached 177.7 million euros. This prize was distributed among 70 players through the “Bacheca dei Sistemi”.

But the largest prize that a single player has won was 163.5 million euros, and it was delivered on October 27th of 2016.