25 de May de 2018
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The "SYNDICATES" when referring to lottery or betting games are groups of players who put their money together to play a lottery or to make a joint bet and willing to share the prize in case they win, this way, their winning possibilities are greater than if they played individually.



Which syndicates can I play?


The player can participate in all syndicates available at LottoHoy, all the player needs is to choose the one that best suits his/her interests.


LottoHoy is in charge of organizing and managing everything related to the election of bets, to inform and to proportionally award the prizes to each player of syndicate.


How do syndicate bets work?


The bet proposed in the group, is divided into equal shares, and they sale allowing users to buy as many shares as they want. After the draw each player of the club will receive in his/her user account a proportional prize depending on the number of shares purchased.

For example, if a syndicate has 100 participations, each participation will be 1% of the prizes that the group can win as a whole. The more participations the player buys, the bigger the share of the prize the player will get.


Regardless of whether or not all of the participations have been sold, the chances of winning and the percentage corresponding to the player of the prizes remain unchanged without involving an additional cost to the player or a decrease in his/her prize share.


Can you create new syndicates online?


Of course! At LottoHoy we want to offer the best possible service to our users, this is why we are always open to new proposals.


If you have a group of friends, or you are a betting group that regularly play offline and you are tired of all the problems it entails (collecting individual prizes, going to the office, paying attention to results and paying in hand) contact us. We can create all the syndicates necessary so you can play your group bet online in easy and fast way.

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