The π (Pi) strategy for the lottery

La nueva estrategia PI

There are many writings on strategies to win lotteries, even books have been written, which are sold at a good price to make money, especially to those who have written them.

Today we are going to show in a completely free way, the coolest strategy to use in the predictions of any of the world raffles, and to win big prizes.

This strategy is based on the number π (Pi), that irrational number that is not a whole number, sometimes it is represented in an abbreviated and simplified way to a simple 3.1416, when the decimals that compose it are in reality: 3, 14159265358979323846 …. and so on to infinity.

The theory of the π (Pi) strategy

This strategy is valid for any of the games based on numbers (not to be confused with lotteries of numbered tickets).

Regardless of the number of numbers that make up the winning combination (5, 6, 7, 10, 15 …) and the corresponding extra numbers (1, 2, 3 …) this strategy can be applied correctly.

Each of the digits that make up the number π (Pi), is useful for the elaboration of the forecasts.

If the winning lottery combination we play has a configuration of 6 numbers only, we will take as a base the first 6 digits of number π (Pi), in this case it would be 3, 14, 15, 9, 26 and 5.

The first digit, 3, always as a base, and the remaining numbers will be taken from joining two digits, except when that union exceeds the maximum number provided on the board of that lottery. Taking theas an example Primitive, the maximum number that we would gather would be 49, in our case after 3, 14, 15, we would not take the 92, but we would only take the 9, and the next one if we add the 2 plus the 6 to configure the 26- And so on.

In the case of lotteries such as the PowerBall, Megamillions and SuperEnalotto, their boards are 69, 70 and 90 respectively, if we mix the combinations of digits of 2 in 2 without exceeding those maximums of the column.

How to implement the strategy π (Pi)

Given the theoretical part of the strategy, we will now turn to the practical part!

The first time we decide to choose this strategy, the first thing we should do is look at any number of the lottery board that we are going to play. 3.14159265358979323846

Imagine that we chose the number 7, that will be our first forecast number, the next number will be 10, because we will add to 7, the first digit of the strategy π, that is 3.

The next number will be 24 (10 + 14), the next will be the 39 (24 + 15) and the next the 48 (39 + 9), or the 3 for those boards that contain fewer numbers as the case of lotteries: Oz Lotto, Mon & Wed Lotto, Saturday Lotto or AU Powerball, since in these cases after having chosen the number 39 and we must add 9 more, what we will do is exhaust until 45 and the rest starting from 1.

This would be the perfect combination for a 6 numbers. In case the lottery requires more numbers for the winning combination, it must continue adding digits. So the next number for the combination would be 29 (3 + 26) and so on until the whole combination is completed.

For the case of extra balls we will add all the digits of the combination we have extracted (7 + 10 + 24 + 39 + 48 + 3), which will give us 131 (1 + 3 + 1) therefore the first ball extra will be 5, and if you need a second extra ball, this will be the sum of 5 + our number chosen at the beginning, that is to say number 7. In this case the second extra ball would be number 12 (5 + 7) or 3, in the event that the lottery board only has up to 10 extra balls.

Next steps of the strategy

In this case, our main number and from which we will continue to perform the combination will be based on the last number that resulted from the previous combination.

In the example we have seen, the last number was 3, so our bet for this draw will begin with the number 6 (3+ 3 of the π), the next one would be the 20 (6 + 14), and so on until completing the final combination.

For the extra balls, we will use the same system as in the example, so our first extra ball will be 12 or 3, and the second ball would be obtained by adding the 6 (the first number of the main combination) to the first ball .

Luck presents itself in an unsuspected way! There are no infallible methods, but this strategy has given and will continue to give very good results.