The advertisement of the 2017 Christmas Lottery

The Bald of the Christmas Lottery

This year, so far, is unknown what advertisers have devised for the ad of the 2017 Christmas Lottery. Will they bring back the Christmas Bald again? Will they surprise us with another musical?

For sure they are already working hard on its elaboration and postproduction, because as every year in early November this advertisement appears on the screens of our TVs to announce that Christmas is close.

With this short article we want to remember a little bit all those ads that have accompanied us during the last Christmas, advertising the Christmas Lottery.

The Christmas Bald

Trying a little to remember, the most endearing ads begin in 1998 with the first appearance of “the Bald of the Lottery” or “Christmas Bald” (performed by Clive Arrindell) and its tagline ” may the luck be with you”, referencing the Star Wars saga.

Trying a little to remember the way of this XXI century, we come up against the Christmas of the year 2000 and the motto ” Every Christmas your dreams play the Lottery “.The advertisement shows us, among fairies hovering, the bald of the lottery that showing us through a glass ball the 282F-0421 “Garrafeta ” steam locomotive entering the old international station of Canfranc (Huesca), subsequently he show us a general view of the old Madrid, with snowy landscapes and fairies flying between the characters.

The announcement says goodbye after a little more than a minute with the phrase ” Every Christmas your dreams play the lottery ” while a low tone, childish voice tells us that “may the luck be with you.”

During the following years the same advertisement format is repeated, with the same protagonist and a fantasy atmosphere around him.

In 2002, we see Christmas through the eyes of a child. The same story is repeated in the spot of 2003, the images are different but the theme of the motto ” The illusion of sharing ” continues showing the “bald man” handing out luck for the Christmas draw

In the 2004 announcement for the first time we show elements in color, a combination of images that until now had always been in black and white, this year is going to color under the baton of the ” Lord of the Lottery

And finally, disappointment many, in 2005 we saw the “Bald man of the Lottery” in the Christmas ad for the last time.

On this occasion, and with practically all the advertisement in color and with a somewhat longer than the previous ones, they show the “Lord of the Lottery” that seems to say goodbye and as he walks the streets is giving away illusions like the smile of a child, a security guard who is working or a couple of boyfriends who find the house of their dreams.

Tour around Christmas Lottery Ads

In 2006, ” It”s the right thing to do “. It’s time to travel, to remember, to give away, to meet again, to ask the impossible, to share … That”s what a male voiceover in a serious tone says accompanied by the soundtrack of the movie Cinema Paradiso.

Everyone has luck” was the slogan chosen for the 2007 film shot on Cantabria. A voice walks us through various passages while Cinema Paradiso”s music plays in the background and the announcer reminds us that everyone from young to elderly people have luck. Those who are near and those who come from afar. Those who love the earth, and those who ask for the moon …

At Christmas we are all a little more humane ” This is the slogan chosen for 2008.This time, the advertisement shows now a modern Spain, simultaneous stories and characters passing by. A couple, a child … the idea is to reflect that “Christmas humanizes everything it touches.”

In 2009, under the idea that “There are many Christmases “, in the advertisement the narrator tells – while showing beautiful images – how several people decide to celebrate Christmas. “Snowy Christmas, the excited Christmas, the sunny Christmas, the dreamed Christmas, the traveling Christmas… “There are many Christmases, but they are all here,” says the narrator.

2010 A Christmas of stories: “Do we play? “In this edition, the Christmas Lottery add invites us to play, in the double meaning of the word. Play as children and play the lottery. The goddess Fortuna appears in the 2010 add campaign in a bright and colorful advertisement. For the first time the lottery advertisement has such a long duration, it extends for about 2 and a half minutes.

The advertisement bets on a format that evokes the childhood stories and where the lady, human personification of the Lottery, shares a rain of millions.

The new ads of the Christmas Lottery

In 2011 there is a substantial change in the ads theme due the change of advertising agency, bringing new ideas and concepts.

This time around, under the slogan of ” The Factory of Dreams ” the protagonists are now children, who make the dreams of Lottery players come true in a fantasy world thanks to a magic factory where they deposit the tenths.

Following the same theme as in the previous year, the 2012 add shows us ” The visual beauty ” of the factory of dreams.

This time it is not children who dream but adults with incredible and magical beauty scenery combined with the best music. Everything is very emotive, but it lacks the illusion that the previous years’ ads showed us. To my taste. (not necessarily has to be a popular opinion) the ad is weak and lacks the desire that make you rush to buy your lottery ticket.

Pon tus sueños a jugar

The announcement of 2013 will be remembered for ever because of the criticism it received from all audiences, both professionals and viewers. This ad served for the people to fill the networks with “memes.”

Even Montserrat Caballé, one of the singers who appeared in the ad called it “appalling.” And yet it has managed to become one of the most famous ads of recent times.

With the slogan ” Make your dreams play ” the creators gathered Montserrat Caballé, Raphael, Bustamante, Marta Sánchez and Niña Pastori. They all participate singing alongside the Christmas tree:

“A light shines on you, a thousand bells ring …”

El mayor premio es compartirlo

The slogan chosen in 2014, ” The biggest prize is sharing it ” is a perfect summary of what they had prepared for us. This year, the Christmas Lottery comes with a highly humane story. It tells the story of Manuel, who lives in a working-class neighborhood of a big city and decides to go down to his bar, where the people in there won the “Gordo” but he has not bought a lottery ticket. A highly emotional script that makes almost impossible to not to be moved to tears at the end of the advertisement, as he says: “The biggest prize is sharing it.” Undoubtedly, one of the best and most emotional ads of the Christmas lottery.

Justino”s story

Continuing with that same humane theme, the advertisement of the 2015 Christmas lottery tells us ” The Story of Justino ” a security guard of a mannequin factory who despite his night switch didn”t match the rest of his coworkers he always was thoughtful with them, he receives the best gift from his companions: they kept a winning ticket for him.

That was the first time the ad was not starring real people but computer generated animations instead, and yet it made us feel moved.

Christmas Blue

Under the title ” Christmas Blues ” the 2016 ad was shot in Villaviciosa (Asturias).it show us the heartfelt story of Carmina, a retired village teacher who on December 21 while watching videos of previous lottery drawings, she mistakenly believes that she has won “El Gordo” then she goes out to the street in joy to sing it to the four winds.

All the neighbors were warned by the son and grandson of Carmina decide to go with the flow and all of them go towards the lighthouse to have a lunch.

“Come on … as we win tomorrow …” -says one of the neighbors in a low voice as the advertisement ends with the motto of the last campaigns ” The biggest prize is sharing it

We are close to find out how the new ad that kicks off Christmas would be, but are you going to settle just watching the ad? Seeing them is fine, but it will be better to enjoy the best Christmas of your life by playing and winning the lottery with the ticket you brought on LottoHoy.