The Fontana di Trevi and the SuperEnalotto

Ladrón Fontana di Trevi

Two Italian symbols very well known and closely related to money, luck and love. In both cases, people from all over the world approach them wishing that, in exchange for a few coins, luck could smile to them.

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Love, luck and fortune also seek it, albeit in a different way, the hundred of thousands of people who throw a coin every year in the Fontana di Trevi  following the old tradition that surrounds this monument.

The thief of Fontana di Trevi

Roberto Cercelletta, a curious character who took the Italian police to his head for 34 years in which his “mischief” lasted.

This homeless came every week to the Fontana to carry out his special collection. He took from the Fontana all the coins he could, accompanied by a small shovel to group them and make piles and thus have the facility from within the source to pick them up.

The curious thing is that for many years and despite the fact that many people knew what he was doing, and that even the police themselves knew his adventures, they could not do anything because apparently it was not a crime because of a legal hole.

This is unusual situation allowed him to get a booty of about € 900 in just 15 minutes of “work”. What a great jackpot lottery!

His luck seemed that could change when in 1999 a Law was created to protect the monuments of the city, and in spite of that from that moment he was catched  in several occasions, he continued going to his weekly appointment with the fountain to prove his luck.

On the part of the city government, it was determined that all the amount that were collected in the Fontana di Trevi would be destined to social causes and would be given to Caritas Roma.

Today it is estimated that 1.5 million euros it is collected annually from the Fontana.