The lottery and the celebrities, they like to play as well.

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Celebrities also play the lottery

Playing the lottery is part of the tradition not only of the Spaniards, but also deeply rooted throughout the world.

Various lotteries constantly invite all kinds of people to play, regardless of their economic position, the position they represent or even if they are nationally famous in the country.

Being part of each draw, whether by superstition or betting on luck, is part of the tradition.

The lottery and celebrities

Many celebrities have opted to play “the lottery”, they have even been winners of some of the prizes.

Playing the lottery is part of the tradition of many people, even when people are in countries other than their birthplace. That habit invites them to participate in “their lottery” since it is part of a lifestyle and its traditions.

Since years, thousands of games are played weekly, however, in Spain when Christmas is approaching, the Special Christmas and El Niño draw makes the sales volume of the lottery tickets multiply.

Rows to buy lottery

How much money is spent in lottery

A fun fact is that for the Christmas raffle of 2017, the buyers spent more from outside Spain than the Spanish players themselves, in a proportion of €67 on average against €46. Making this local lottery game one of the most important internationally.

The tradition of the lottery and celebrities

Although there are cases of celebrities who have never had a stroke of luck, there are records of celebrities who play the lottery, to whom the prize have helped to raise their income.

Queen Letizia, in 2004, received as a gift one of the two lottery tickets that had been bought by a former work partner before marrying King Felipe. The tenth in question was the 22054, which corresponded to the date of their wedding, on May 22, 2004, and was casually awarded with a prize of € 12,000.

Maria del Carmen Fernandez Lomana, better known as Carmen Lomana, has also been part of these games and luck has also arrived. Her purchases are part of a tradition rather than waiting for a prize, that”s the reason why the day she had the luck ow winning, she did not notice it and her friends were responsible for notifying her that she had won the prize.

Kiko Matamoros is also part of the list of celebrities who have won one of the prizes from El Gordo. In 2014 he was awarded a prize of 20,000 euros which he divided with one of his friends who was going through a bad economic situation.

Fortu Sanchez, vocalist of the band Obús, is also part of that list of famous winners. In one occasion he received the fifth prize of the Christmas Lottery for an amount of 12,000 euros.

The fact that on one occasion she won a second prize made that Soraya Arnelas does not deny that this has been a motivation to continue betting on luck and continue believing that it could be the winner, at some point, of the maximum prize in a lottery.

Not so lucky famous lottery players

There are famous people which have not fared very well when playing the lottery, however, they do not stop doing it, believing that at some point they can be the winners of the jackpot.

Such is the case of Isabel Gemio, who has confessed to the local media that, although she acquires the lottery “the award will never be hers”. The artist has also ensured that in her family buying the lottery is part of a tradition that goes from generation to generation.

The actress and model Carolina Cerezuela, who has confessed that she has played several times, has not been even close to winning anything, she confessed that this may have lowered her spirits at some point, but she assures that her life is the biggest prize she can count on.

Fonsi Nieto is also part of this negative list, the pilot and Dj said that although he is a faithful player, he has never been creditor of any prize and therefore decided to lower the amount of bets made and focus more on his professional work.

Just when she was beginning to gain fame and all the communications media were watching all her movements for the video made with David Bisbal, singer Chenoa was seen buying a tenth of Christmas, which unfortunately was not a winner. By that time, her purchase was published in the national media of Spain, including her followers through their social networks burning their accounts wondering how accurate those publications were, to which she herself responded, “Q sabe nadie… #soyhumana”.

Belén Esteban has confessed that on one occasion she was about to win the Christmas Lottery first prize, she assured that she only missed one number to win el Gordo.

celebrities and lotteries

Some worldwide celebrities, such as Madonnna and George Clonney, have also ensured that they are lovers of the lottery games and that they do not lose the chance to bet on luck in the SuperEnnaLotto, the most recognized lottery in Italy.