What it means to dream with money

Soñar con dinero

Our dream are a reflection of our subconscious. Money is a symbol, and dreaming about money can have both positive and negative connotations.

On the positive side, it can mean a way to consolidate personal finances and a sense of security in future opportunities.

On the negative side, dreaming about money can mean financial instability, lost opportunities, insecurity and lack of faith in oneself to meet the goals and objectives set.

For this reason trying to decipher the meaning of dreams is often difficult to interpret.

Surely many people think that dreams have no impact on what will happen short or medium term in their daily lives, but there are studies that show that dreams can affect our behavior, and dreaming about money is something that affects us directly in our everyday life.

“Dreams are the real way to the unconscious”, Sigmund Freud

Different types of money dreams

Infinity of situations can guide the dreams associated with money, find money or lose it, save money or spend it, receive money or give it, lend money, ask borrow money, dream of money, dream of coins, dream of counting money, etc …

Who has never dreamed of winning the lottery and a super millionaire boat to mean its financial stability of present and future?

Let’s enter a little bit into a possible interpretation about some situations of dreaming about money:

Dreaming about finding, inheriting or earning extra money.

It represents positivism, luck in life and success for improvements in the future. A favorable signal to improve, eliminate obstacles and the prospect of new opportunities to meet the objectives set.

Dreaming of saving money

The dream of saving means safety, being responsible, having more than necessary in the economic and personal happiness.

But dreaming of saving money can also have a negative side, that of self-reserve, greed and stinginess. Valid equally for the economic, as for the personal. A heart that is not capable of giving, is not happy, is insecure.

Dreaming that someone lend you money

Dreaming that someone lends you money can mean that they increase your confidence in your abilities to achieve success.

Other times, this dream indicates that you can change your negative thought patterns, which will increase the chances of success.

Dreaming about counting bills or coins

Avarice in its purest form. Fear of not being able to meet their obligations, which is a great disappointment.

A vision of fear of changes and possible financial problems. Loss of trust of third parties on a personal level.

When you dream of counting coins, it means that an unexpected expense is coming and that is the desire to count to the last cent

Dreaming about borrowing money

Do not necessarily dream of borrowing money has to do with the economic aspect, it can be in the personal field, as a demand for help to get out of an embarrassing situation that you do not know how to get out of.

Dreaming about stealing money

Dreaming of stealing money is an alert, a warning of facing up to future risks. Risk that may come from people close to you, or your own daily activity.

An indicative that warns you to behave better in the future, and does not want to obtain the profits at the expense of third parties.

Dreaming about giving money

This dream can be approached in two different ways, and will depend on the emotional state of the subconscious of the person in his affective facet .

If in the dream, the person is uncomfortable and stressed by giving money, he may be afraid to lose the prosperity that he now enjoys, or that he

is giving himself too much.

If, on the other hand, the person feels happy to share, their position of prosperity in life is demonstrated.

Dream about losing money

Dreaming that money is lost, is a symptom of anxiety, which usually leave the sensation of exhaustion and fatigue.

Dreaming that money is lost can mean a fear of the future, an imbalance in the material and the emotional.

This type of dream can pretend to indicate that it is necessary to do a “reset“, go back to take breath and try again with a renewed energy.

Dream about spending money

Dreaming of spending money is usually a positive dream. It can denote self-confidence, which achieves objectives.

However, dreaming of spending money can also be interpreted in a negative way, if that dreamed of spending is on unnecessary issues or items. In this case the fact of frivolously spending the money, can denote a waste of unnecessary energy.

Dream about spending other people’s money.

To dream of spending money of others is the anguish of being committing a misappropriation, a crime. Something that can have negative consequences and cause many problems.

It can be a warning to get away from deceptive situations and unwise companies.

Dream of breaking money

Danger !, dream of breaking money or broken bills is a sign of economic bankruptcy. It denotes a weak financial situation that is shattered.

It may be the image of needing to expand economic resources, improve and make more income, while cutting spending.

Dream about money transactions around you.

Shows a feeling of envy or jealousy towards other people. A frustration to feel excluded or despised, either in the economic or love issues.

But at the same time and in a positive sense it may reflect a desire to learn from possible mistakes made.

Dreaming of people who ask me for money, debt collectors, etc …

It is evident that if you have economic debts, dreams are real nightmares, and you feel a persecution when people continually ask.

But that type of harassment, can also be something not material, favors that could not have been met.

Dreaming about fake money

Dreaming of fake money is synonymous with problems, bad luck, cheating. Suspicion towards you or coming from other people, in the personal or work plane.

At the same time this dream could be a signal that leads to a change in the emotional to get away from the problems.

Dream about winning the lottery.

Dreaming of winning the lottery has no greater meaning than the dream itself. Try to see the number of the jackpot or the combination of the balls that will win the big “jackpot” accumulated.

What would you do if you suddenly got the jackpot? Buy a new house? Travel around the world? Make charitable donations? Or … just help your family and friends?

However, one thing is totally true: a super prize millionaire lottery could get financial freedom for the rest of life and make it much more comfortable.