About us


The LottoHoy team has a large experience in both the online and physical entertainment industry, as well as in the lottery industry.

The entire purchasing process follows a rigorous control by our team to ensure that both the purchase of bets and the collection of prizes are made in the most secure and reliable way.

The LottoHoy.com website is operated by WHITE LOTTO LIMITED, a company based in London, 19 Leyden Street, E1 7LE, United Kingdom.


We do not want to be simply a website that sells lottery online, we want to guide our services to positive results, and that is why it is key to choose the right partner.

At LottoHoy we adopt a commitment of dedication, diligence and rigor with our clients being at your side, listening and responding to your needs.

Therefore, when we receive the purchase order from our clients and we need to address it to the official retailers located in each country, we do it with the maximum guarantees of safety and comfort; The official tickets remain securely in the safe of the entity that has validated the bet or we offer all the necessary information in case the validation is done through an insurance company.


  • We provide the best online solutions and the most appropriate advice for your needs.
  • Immediate information through the LottoHoy platform itself.
  • The prizes are deposited immediately in the user account so that they are always guaranteed and ready for collection.
  • Open 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • We provide tools and statistics to the individual player and / or collective.
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