Play MegaMillions and PowerBall from Colombia

Powerball y Megamillions desde Colombia

All Colombian users have sometimes thought about the possibility of winning one of the super millionaire jackpots that American lotteries accumulate, either MegaMillions or PowerBall. And the first thing that comes to mind is, if it is possible to play these lotteries from your country. What at the beginning could look like a big inconvenience […]

Lotteries from Colombia vs lotteries from Spain

Loterías de Colombia y España

It is always interesting to make a comparison between the lotteries and games of chance that we usually play in our respective countries, and the possibilities offered by other world lotteries. Today we are going to make a comparison analyzing the most important lotteries in Colombia, answering some of the most important questions, among which […]

Which one is better, Boyaca Lottery or EuroMillions?

Diferencias entre Boyaca y Euromillones

The Boyacá lottery is the oldest and most traditional lottery in Colombia. Is one of the called Banknote Lotteries, and like any other type of game of chance of these characteristics, it consists of matching the numbers previously printed on a ticket. To obtain some of the prizes of the Boyacá lottery, the combination of […]

Which one is better, the Baloto Lottery or Eurojackpot?

Diferencias entre Baloto y Eurojackpot

Many Colombian users are unaware of the advantages of playing Eurojackpot, despite the fact that the game system and features are quite similar to Baloto. The Baloto lottery is an exclusive lottery from Colombia, on the other hand, Eurojackpot is a European lottery organized by different countries, which makes it possible to achieve millionaire prizes […]

The lottery of the cryptocurrencies

Play lottery with bitcoins

Much is said recently about cryptocurrencies, also known as virtual money and even as cryptoactives. Some believe that they are a sure value of immediate future, to the detriment of the economy managed by banks and financial entities as we know it today. On the other hand, some think that this is simply fud and a […]

The Fontana di Trevi and the SuperEnalotto

Ladrón Fontana di Trevi

Two Italian symbols very well known and closely related to money, luck and love. In both cases, people from all over the world approach them wishing that, in exchange for a few coins, luck could smile to them. Acquiring one or several SuperEnalotto lottery tickets, for a small amount you have the chance to get […]

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