The numbers that come out most in the Bonoloto

Most frequent numbers in la bonoloto

The first draw of the Bonoloto was held on February 28, 1988. At that time the raffles were held every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday every week. The draw held on March 30, 2015, was the first of a new stage in which the draws would be held every day from Monday to Saturday inclusive. […]

The numbers that come out the most in La Primitiva

Most frequent numbers in la primitiva

On the lotteries based on the extraction of numbered balls, as is the case of the Primitiva, all numbers have the same possibilities to come out. The Primitiva is a draw that takes place every Thursday and Saturday, in which 6 main balls are drawn (between 1 and 49), plus a seventh ball for the […]

The numbers that come out the most in the Euromillions

Frequent numbers in Euromillions

Luck is very present in lottery draws, and of course in EuroMillions. Each draw has new expectations and diverse results. For students of EuroMillions statistics, there are some constants that can be seen in the draws held to date: Initially the draw was based on the extraction of 5 balls numbered between 1 and 50, […]

What it means to dream with money

Soñar con dinero

Our dream are a reflection of our subconscious. Money is a symbol, and dreaming about money can have both positive and negative connotations. On the positive side, it can mean a way to consolidate personal finances and a sense of security in future opportunities. On the negative side, dreaming about money can mean financial instability, […]

How to win the EuroMillions

Como ganar el Euromillones

Has anyone ever dreamed of winning a big lottery prize? Maybe Euromillions? Possibly all the readers of this article, even knowing that it is difficult, but the illusion is not lost. It is played to win! What to play for fun must be for sports or the PlayStation, although we believe that in both cases […]

Comparison between Triplex and the Eurojackpot

Triplex de la ONCE

The Triplex and the Eurojackpot, despite being both lotteries from the ONCE are not comparable among them since they have two different lottery concepts. While Eurojackpot It is a weekly lottery with prizes based on the collection and a few accumulative jackpots for the first-class winners, The Triplex, is a bet that is drawn twice […]

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