Can the Brexit affect Euromillions?

Brexit will affect Euromillions

After the Brexit referendum (the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union), the economic repercussions that this exit can have by not having a free trade agreement are being discussed. But can this affect the EuroMillions players in the UK? Playing EuroMillions will not be affected at all by the exit, and will remain a […]

What is the Leidsa lotto?

Juegos de Leidsa

Leidsa is the acronym for “Lotería Electrónica Internacional Dominicana, SA” the first company that was allowed to manage the electronic gambling game in the Dominican Republic, whose motto is “LEIDSA, your only Lotto”. Through this Leidsa game solution, players are offered the possibility to access up to a total of 8 games and their different […]

What happens when you win the lottery?

Ganar un premio de lotería

When a lottery prize is won, our body and our conscience experience changes proportionally direct to the prize amount that we have won. The emotion begins to fill us when we go over the numbers of our ticket and we see how they match with the winning combination. If only one, two or three balls […]

Notoriety or anonymity for a lottery winner

Ganar lotería y ser anónimo

The circumstances to remain anonymous winners of big lottery prizes vary widely. Everything revolves depending on the Country or State that organizes the lottery, or even the State’s own rules regarding data protection, or Public Registry. In Europe all lotteries allow anonymity if the winner wishes it. Countries like Portugal, France and Spain among others, […]

The Dominican Republic lotteries

Todas las loterías de la República Dominicana

A millionaire business (largely private) moves in the lotteries of the Dominican Republic. Under the shared regulation of the National Lottery and the Ministry of Finance, in its department of the Casinos and Gambling Directorate, they have not been able to control the illegal points of sale that flood the country. They coexist jointly, two […]

The lottery and the cinema always give a lot of game

La lotería y el cine

The cinema usually includes in the plot of its films that mix reality and the imaginary. Sometimes fiction characters live through real stories and at other times it is simply the dream or the thought of the person who created the script. The lottery, its raffles, the winning tickets … have also been the subject […]

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