25 de May de 2018
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Celebrities also play the lottery, and sometimes, also win
  All lottery games constantly invite all kinds of people to play, regardless of their economic position, the position they represent or even if they are nationally famous in the country. Being part of each draw, whether by superstition or betting on luck is part of the tradition.
La Grossa de Sant Jordi 2018, second edition of the draw
  The "Grossa" of Sant Jordi, it"s a Loteria de Catalunya lottery draw, with the same characteristics as the New Years draw, and offers a total of 80,000 tickets for the price of €5 each, with a first prize of €100,000, plus another four main prizes, others of smaller amount in approximations and hundreds of €5 prizes. This draw is made to coincide with the festivity of the patron saint of Catalonia, April 23 and also celebrates the "Day of the book", but it is above all a festivity full of color and tradition, in which the lovers are given books, roses and this year also La "Grossa"
Fun facts about the lottery that maybe you did not know
  Among the many fun facts about the lottery in Spain since its inception, we can see the constant changes in name depending on the government, or that in 1931 the Christmas raffle organized by the government of the Republic was deserted.
Habits of lucky people
  There are usually three types of people in the world. Those that see how things happen, make things happen and those that simply say What happened? As in life, it also happens with luck and you have to choose between seeing how luck passes by your side, and saying, What luck some have, or making luck come to you. IT"S UP TO YOU!
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Friday, 25/05/18
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Sunday, 27/05/18
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Friday, 25/05/18
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Sunday, 27/05/18
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