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Powerball AU was created in 1996 and is officially supervised by the government of Australia, although operated by Tatts Group.

In April 2018, an important change was made in its rules to accommodate to the offer of other world lotteries, and in this way increase the probability of winning and encouraging the creation of bigger jackpots.

Do not confuse the Powerball AU with the US Powerball, because although they have similarities, their differences are also remarkable.

Some of the advantages that are worth taking into account when betting on the Powerball AU are :

  • It doesn’t withhold taxes from the prizes
  • The winners receive the total prize money obtained, while the US Powerball allows the collection in annuities or if you opt for a single payment, you have to face a significant amount of federal, state and provincial taxes.
  • The system of distribution of prizes for lower categories is in proportion to the collection, instead of specifying fixed amounts as in the USA.

How to play the PowerBall of Australia?

Like many lottery games based on numbers, the PowerBall AU is composed of 2 different sections in each game column:

The first one consists of numbers between 1 and 35 inclusive, where we’ll have to choose 7 numbers. At the bottom is the second section in which we’ll have to choose the Powerball number between 1 to 20.

To qualify for a minimum prize the player must hit two numbers and powerball.

When is the draw for the PowerBall in Australia?

There is only one weekly draw, and it is held every Thursday at 9:30 p.m. local time. The ticket sale closes 1 hour before the draw, and once the draw is finished, it is reopened for the next week’s draw.

What is the price of the PowerBall of Australia?

In LottoHoy you can play Australian Powerball from € 1.50 per column. In this lottery it is mandatory to play a minimum of 4 columns. (This amount may vary depending on the exchange rate of the dollar against the euro)

How to buy AU’s PowerBall

Buying Australia’s PowerBall tickets and participating in all the draws is really easy and user friendly through our online platform.

When we access to the game page, the platform has 5 columns (also called lines), but you can expand as many times as you wish by simply clicking on the “More lines” box

We can place a bet on each column, and you can fill in as many columns as you want. To set the bet, we will have to mark in each column only 7 squares of the first group, and 1 round box of the second group.

Also, we have the option to allow the system itself to choose  random combination for the player. This random selection is made by passing the cursor over the column and an upper box indicating “Quick Selection” appears.

Once the number of columns (bets) that the player wants is placed, a green box with the word “Continue” will appear in the lower part. By clicking on it, leads us to the compliance screen were we will proceed with the payment by clicking in the “Pay Now” box.

A new screen shows us an extended payment methods. From credit cards and systems known as Skrill or Neteller, to a wide variety of methods, including cryptocurrencies.