Play Lottery Online

Buying online lottery at Lottohoy is simple, fast, and secure.

  1. It’s simple, because you can make the purchase from anywhere, you only need to have an Internet connection through means such as mobile, tablet or computer.
  2. It’s fast. In just a few seconds, you can play any lottery you want from among a wide variety of lotteries offered by LottoHoy. You just need to choose your favourite numbers and make a purchase using the payment method that best suits you… That’s it!
  3. It’s safe, because once the purchase is made, it is reflected in the user account until the draw is made, and a confirmation is received electronically. Create your account today and start playing with us !

How to play lottery online

At LottoHoy, there is a huge selection of lotteries available. You can choose in which one you want to participate, and there is a wide range of information that will help you to select your bet, and understand the characteristics and rules of the game.

You can choose the combination of numbers you want to play manually by selecting the numbers, or you can also let the system itself choose the numbers and balls randomly using the quick pick feature.

Once the play is defined, you just need to proceed to the payment. We have a wide range of payment methods available in order to suit all players’ needs.

How to receive your lottery winnings

All winnings are immediately deposited into the user’s account, so that they are immediately available.

When the winnings are big amounts, the client is advised on the best legal solutions in order to receive those prizes.

Each lottery is governed by the tax law of the country where it is organised, since there may be fiscal and other costs that may affect the amounts awarded.

Advantages of playing online lottery

    • Saving time is perhaps the biggest advantage offered by playing lottery online.
    • Through LottoHoy, you can buy your tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, without vacations or schedules.
    • The availability of a wide variety of lotteries from around the world. The lotteries that offer the best jackpots.
    • Being able to play from anywhere at any time, at home, at work, waiting for the bus, or in any circumstance of your daily life. Having abasic internet connection from any type of device: mobile, tablet or computer.
    • security that you won’t lose a prize because the ticket was lost, because the result of the draw was not checked, or the deadline for claiming it expired.
    • The purchased tickets are reflected in the user account, as well as other transactions.
    • In the case of winning a prize, the amount won is immediately deposited in the user balance.

Who can play lottery online?

Everyone can play at LottoHoy! Your country of residence is not an inconvenience, even if you are doing it from the other side of the world. Just sign up and start playing!