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OZ Lotto is a national lottery game from Australia that was debuted on February 26th 1994 and is operated by Tatts Group.

A change in the game regulations in October 2005 made it necessary to hit seven instead of six numbers to obtain the first-category prize or jackpot.

As a result of this change, this lottery started to be known for some years OZ Lotto, as well as OZ Lotto of Super 7 and also as OZ 7 Lotto.

As an important fact, it should be noted that OZ Lotto players do not have to pay taxes on their winnings in Australia.

How to play the OZ Lotto?

The game column is composed of 45 squares numbered from 1 to 45 respectively, and to make a bet, the player must choose seven numbers.

When the draw is held, seven main balls are extracted plus two extra “complementary” balls which add a plus to the winners of five or six hits.

Likewise, these “complementary” balls will determine the seventh category prize for the winners of three balls and they must also be hit at least one of the two complementary balls.

When the OZ Lotto is played?

There is only one weekly draw which is held every Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. Australia local time. The ticket sale closes one hour before the draw, and once the draw is finished, it is reopened for the next week’s draw.

How much does an OZ Lotto ticket cost?

At Lottohoy, you can buy your official OZ Lotto tickets from € 1.50, one of the lowest prices on the internet. (This amount may vary depending on the exchange rate of the dollar against the euro)

How to buy OZ Lotto

Buying tickets and playing the OZ Lotto lottery is really easy and convenient through our online platform.

  • In the OZ Lotto play page you can make the bets that you want; a grid of five columns (also called lines) is shown, but you can expand it as many times as you want by simply clicking on the “More lines” box.
  • In each column, seven numbers of the 45 available must be selected.
  • This choice can be made manually by clicking on each box, or allowing the system to choose a combination randomly.
  • By clicking on “Continue”, you’ll access the payments page. The player can confirm or add more tickets to their bets.
  • On the payment screen, a wide range of payment methods are displayed, ranging from the usual credit cards and systems known as Skrill or Neteller, to a battery of other methods like cryptocurrencies.

OZ Lotto Prizes

There is a minimum guaranteed jackpot of AUD $ 2,000,000 that is accumulated for subsequent draws if there are no first-class winners.

There are seven prize categories:

  • The first category, for those who hit the full winning combination (seven numbers). This category takes approximately 40% of the fund destined for prizes.
  • Second category, for the winners of six number combination plus one of the two complementary balls. To this category 1.7% of the fund for category awards is destined.
  • Third category, for the winners of six numbers and 3.5% of the fund is allocated for prizes
  • Fourth category, for the winner of five numbers, plus at least one of the two complementary balls. These winners share 1.8% of the fund destined for prizes.
  • Fifth category. For the winners of five numbers, and 2.1% of the fund for prizes are distributed.
  • Sixth category. For the winners of four numbers, and among them distribute 24% of the fund for prizes.
  • Seventh category. For the winners of three numbers plus at least one of the two complementary balls. For this category, 26% of the fund is reserved.