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Pick 5 numbers and 2 Lucky Stars numbers OK Processing...
Pick 5 numbers and 2 Lucky Stars numbers OK Processing...
Pick 5 numbers and 2 Lucky Stars numbers OK Processing...
Pick 5 numbers and 2 Lucky Stars numbers OK Processing...
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How to play Euromillions

Playing Euromillions at LottoHoy is really simple, you just need to follow the next steps:

    • Select 5 numbers ranged from 1 to 50
    • Select 2 numbers as lucky stars from 1 to 12.

That’s the fastest way to become the next EuroMillionaire. However, if you are a very exigent player we have some features that you will love.

As you can see on the top of this page you have the play area, you can see a line composed by 5 columns, each of this columns is a ticket that can be played. If you need more tickets, you can fill as many lines as you need. The more tickets you play the bigger your probabilities of winning.

You can select your favourite numbers manually or use the lucky dip feature in order to select your numbers randomly.

Simple and multiple Euromillions bets

In Euromillions, as in many others lottery games, you can play simple bets or multiples.

A simple bet requires that your ticket has 5 numbers and 2 stars selected. On the contrary in a multiple bet you can select up to 10 numbers and up to 6 lucky stars.

Playing a multiple bet multiplies your chances of winning, and at the same time increases the cost of the ticket.

The following table shows how many bets you’re playing per ticket depending on how many numbers and/or stars you have selected.

Euromillions Multiple Bets

How much do Euromillions tickets cost?

At LottoHoy you can buy your Euromillions tickets from €3,30. We offer the most affordable price to play Euromillions online in a 100% secure platform with official tickets.

When is Euromillions drawn?

The Euromillions lottery draws are twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays at 20:45 CET time. And they are held in Paris.

You can buy your tickets until 19:30 CET, one hour before the draw stars. The euromillions results will be published as soon as the official scrutiny of numbers and prizes has finished.

Euromillions Jackpot

Currently the Euromillions have a minimum guaranteed jackpot of €17.000.000, if there are no winners of 5 numbers and 2 stars, the jackpot rollover until reaching the maximum cap of €190.000.000.

But at the beginning it was not like that. Initially, in 2004, there was a cap of 11 rollovers but there was not a cap on the amount of money. If in the twelfth draw there was no winners, the main prize would be distributed between the second prize category winners.

In 2009, the rollover rule was replaced for a maximum jackpot cap rule. The new jackpot cap was set up at €185.000.000, and when reached for the first time it still can be increased for €5 million more.

Finally, in September 2016, the current jackpot cap was introduced and fixed it at €190.000.000. If after 4 draws there are no winners of first category, on the fifth one this amount will be distributed between the winners of the second category.

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