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How to play Eurojackpot?

The Eurojackpot is a game very similar to the EuroMillions. It consists of choosing at least least numbers, numbered from 1 to 50. Likewise, 2 extra numbers are needed, called “soles”, on the second part of the ticket, numbered from 1 to 10.

The more numbers and soles you hit, the greater the prize you will win. The first category prize is awarded to the ticket with five  numbers and two soles (the jackpot), and then there are other 11 categories of inferior prizes.

Eurojackpot is an European lottery that is played in 18 countries: Germany, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic and Sweden.

How much do Eurojackpot tickets cost?

You can play Eurojackpot online from a starting price of €3.20 per ticket. At LottoHoy we offer the best price internet price to play in the most secure platform. Open your account now and start playing Eurojackpot.

How to win on Eurojackpot

There is no strategy that can guarantee that you’ll be the next Eurojackpot winner. That being said, you can follow some simple advice that will increase your odds of hitting a prize:

    • Mix odd and even numbers: All even or all odd number combination is rarely drawn, statistically less than 3%.
    • Lottery number groups: Avoid selecting all numbers belonging to the same group (the 20s, the 30s…). You can even check with group has been drawn more often.
    • Check the most frequent numbers: You can check our Eurojackpot results page and extract the list of numbers that have been picked more often.
      • Sum of your numbers: After you choose your five numbers make sure to add them together and the sum of all them are between 90 and 160. Seventy percent of the winning combinations fall in that range.
    • Mix high and low numbers: Sixty-four percent of the winning combinations have a mix between two low numbers and three high numbers, or viceversa.

Play Eurojackpot Online

Making a  bet in Eurojackpot is very simple. You only have to select your five favourite numbers between 1 and 50, and the other two numbers between 1 and 10 (called “soles”).

On the play Eurojackpot page, we have five  initial columns per line (expandable up to eight , through the MORE LINES option).

Tier #x + x Prize aprox
I 5+2 Jackpot
II 5+1 811.146€
III 5+0 150.558€
IV 4+2 4.733€
V 4+1 249€
VI 4+0 111€
VII 3+2 61€
VIII 2+2 22€
IX 3+1 18€
X 3+0 15€
XI 1+2 10€
XII 2+1 8€

You can select the numbers of your combination manually or let the system to choose them randomly, using the quick feature we have developed.

Once you have selected the column or columns in which you wish to participate, you simply need to click on continue and proceed to make the payment for your bets.