Play SuperEnalotto


Playing SuperEnalotto online, is really easy, you just have to create a user account in LottoHoy to access all the information about games, payments, subscriptions, tickets purchased, statistics, etc.

In this same page there are five columns (tickets), each of these five columns has boxes numbered from 1 to 90, and you can fill as many as you want.

You just need to select six numbers for a simple bet. The platform allows us to manually fill in these boxes or use the quick pick feature and let the system itself randomly choose the combination of our bet.

Once the selection of numbers has been made, go to the CONTINUE button, and proceed to the payment. It’s as simple as that.

SuperEnalotto jackpot

The SuperEnalotto has a minimum guaranteed jackpot of €2.000.000 (2 million euros). It can seem a small guarantee, but it increases quickly as 60% of the funds collected on each draw are allocated to prizes.

One of the most important characteristics of this lottery is that there is no cap on the top prize. This, combined with the fact that the jackpot increases fast, create very interesting multimillionaire jackpots.

SuperEnalotto prize breakdown

SuperEnalotto has different prizes levels, up to a total of 15, between the main prizes, the Super Star and the Instant Win prizes. The total amount of the prizes to be distributed varies according to the amounts collected.

Here we will focus on the main prizes that can be accessed from the online platform. See the following table:

Superenalotto prize breakdown

How to win SuperEnalotto

We have collected the most useful tricks and advice to increase your chances of winning the SuperEnalotto. There is no magic strategy, but for sure you will be happy with the results of these steps:

  • Balance even and odd numbers:  Mix your numbers between even and odd as just 3% of the combinations that have won were all even or all odd.
  • Mix High and low numbers: Don’t focus only in low numbers (as dates), most people do this.
  • Play balanced numbers: Select your numbers and sum all them together, the result should be between 140 and 240. Approximately 70 percent of past winning combinations were balanced.
  • Don’t select consecutive sequence of numbers.
  • Avoid past winning sequences: If your combination has been awarded recently, try to select a new one.
  • Check the most frequent numbers: You can visit our SuperEnalotto results page to see which numbers have been picked more often.

Who can play SuperEnalotto?

Players, from all around the world are welcome to play SuperEnalotto at LottoHoy. There is no need to be in Italy to play in a physical retail store. Now you can buy your official tickets with us. A simple ticket only costs 3.00 Euro so why don’t you try your luck?