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Minimum lines for this lottery is 2.


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The 6aus49 is the best-known lottery in Germany, also known as the german lotto. The rules are very simple, players must select from a table consisting of 49 boxes, numbered from 1 to 49, the 6 numbers of the main combination, plus a special bonus number known as Superzahl, from a list numbered from 0 to 9
The extraction of these numbers is done by two machines. From the first machine the numbered balls (6 main ones) are extracted and from the other machine a ball is extracted to determine the Súpezahl number.

How to play 6aus49 online?

Play german lotto 6aus49 online is really easy, you just have to create a user account in LottoHoy to be able to access all the information about payments, subscriptions, tickets purchased, statistics, etc, and to choose the draws you want to play.

On this same game page, there are five columns of bets (also called lines), each of the 5 columns has boxes numbered from 1 to 49) and you can fill in as many as you like. Each column refers to a single bet whose price is 2 €.
It is in these columns or lines of 49 numbers that the desired combination must be chosen, assuming that 6 numbers must be marked for a simple play.
The system allows us to fill in these boxes manually or through the quick pick option, which appears above each board, let the system itself in a random way choose the combination of our bet.
Once the selection of numbers in one or several columns is done, go to the CONTINUE box, and proceed to the payment. It’s that simple.

What prizes does 6aus49 give out?

Lotto 6aus49 has nine different prize tiers. To win the jackpot, you must match all six of the main numbers and the Superzahl. Your overall odds of winning any Lotto 6aus 9 prize are 1 in 31. The german lotto offers a very good chance to win.

There are nine categories for 6aus49 results
– First category: For the 6 number + Superzahl winners.
– Second category: 6 hits of the main combination.
– Third category:5 combination hits + the Superzahl.
– Fourth category: 5 hits of the combination.
– Fifth category: 4 combination hits + the Superzahl.
– Sixth category: 4 hits main combination.
– Seventh category: 3 hits + the Superzahl.
– Eighth category: 3 hits.
– Ninth category: 2 hits + the Superzahl.

When is the 6aus49 raffled off?

The draws of the 6aus49 lottery are held every Wednesday at 18:25 h. (CET), and on Saturdays at 19:25 h. (CET).
To play the lotto 6aus49 online, the admission of purchases is closed 2 hours before the celebration of the draws, for administration and security issues.

How much does it cost to play 6aus49?

The price of each 6aus49 ticket in LottoHoy is from 2 Euro and includes all costs of handling and purchase management through official sellers and/or similar.