GG World Million

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Minimum lines for this lottery is 2.

Minimum lines for this lottery is 3.

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How to play the GG World Million online lottery

GG World Million is played in the same way as its big sisters, the GG World Lottery and the GG World X

In all cases, these three online lotteries, are based on looking for a combination of 5 main numbers from a table composed of 50 squares numbered 1 to 50 respectively, and also choose on the move other 2 numbers called GG, from a second part of the table in which there are 12 circles numbered 1 to 12.

You can play as many columns or bets as the player wishes, but with a minimum of 4 columns. Initially 5 columns appear on the game screen, but they can be extended to another 5 and so on by marking over the green box that indicates “More lines”

GG World Million minimum play price

As it is an online lottery with a very economic price for each line or bet, it requires a minimum of 4 columns of play for each bet, and therefore the minimum amount of the play is 3 €, opting for a higher prize of 1,000,000 € (This amount may vary depending on the exchange rate of the dollar against the euro)