Play el Gordo Online

On October 31st of 1993 was the first draw of the Gordo de la Primitiva, a draw that is currently held every Sunday, although the first draws were only held once a month, the last Sunday of the month.

This raffle structure was kept until the draw of October 12, 1997.

Nowadays to play the Gordo de la Primitiva online is really simple. We offer you the chance to buy your tickets every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

How to play Gordo de la Primitiva?

Play el Gordo consists of selecting 5 numbers from a table of 54 positions numbered from 1 to 54. Additionally it is necessary to select 1 key number from a second table numbered from 0 to 9.

There are basically two ways to play el Gordo: the simple bet, and the multiple bet.

The simple bet, consists of choosing 5 numbers of the first table that contains 54 squares numbered from 1 to 54 respectively, and a key number (also called reimbursement) of a second table that offers the ticket and contains 10 numbered boxes from 0 to 9. One ticket costs only 2,50 EUR if you acquire it on Lottohoy.

This key number or refund, is common for all bets or blocks that are put into play on the single ticket.

The multiple bet is made exclusively in the first block of the ticket, and you can mark a minimum of 6 squares, and a maximum of 11 of the first table, plus the key number or reimbursement of the attached table.

When filling a multiple bet the number of numbers that are marked, will be directly linked to the bets that are made, and the cost of them.

Dialed Total bets
6 6
7 21
8 56
9 126
10 252
11 462

What day is el Gordo de la Primitiva draw?

El Gordo de la Primitiva has a single weekly draw, each Sunday and takes place at 9:30 p.m. (CET) in Madrid.

To access these draws, you must take into account the closing hours.

Playing online, the normalized schedule is around 1:00 p.m., depending on the country of the provider where it is played (recommended to consult previously).

Play Gordo de la Primitiva Online

Playing Gordo de la Primitiva online has many advantages compared to the traditional game validating  the ticket on a physical lottery administrations.

With the advent of new technologies, many activities have been facilitated to achieve comfort, gain time and safety.

The odds of winning any prize of the Gordo de la Primitiva playing online, are exactly the same as doing it when buying a physical ticket in a Lottery Administration, and online lottery platforms like ours, makes it very easy.

You simply have to create a user account in LottoHoy, and in this way access all the information about collections, payments, payments with total security.

When you access the game section of Gordo de la Primitiva in our platform, at the top there is a menu bar with four options:

  • Play Gordo de la Primitiva: Section where you can select your favorite numbers in all the columns you want. In principle 5 columns are displayed, perotu bet can be extended to as many columns as you wish, simply by clicking on the box below the first column that says “more lines”
  • Results of Gordo de la Primitiva:With the information about the last draw held , the winning combination, and the distribution of prizes of the different categories. You can also access the information of previous draws and the amounts of their prizes.
  • Information of the Gordo de la Primitiva:All the information related to this game, the categories of prizes, the percentages of collection assigned to each category and the possibilities of profit in each category.
  • News of the Gordo de la Primitiva: Everything about the news about this type of lottery.

Just below, the first line of play is shown, consisting of five columns (or tickets). You can play a single column or as many as you want, you can even add more rows and play more numbers.
Each of the columns or lines is numbered from 1 to 54 and it is where the desired forecast must be made, starting from the base that 5 squares or numbers must be marked for a simple move.

The system allows you to manually fill in these boxes with your favorite numbers, or through the quick selection option that appears above each table. In this way it is the system itself that randomly chooses the combination with which we will play.