Play Thunderball

Pick 5 numbers and 1 Thunderball number OK Processing...
Pick 5 numbers and 1 Thunderball number OK Processing...
Pick 5 numbers and 1 Thunderball number OK Processing...
Pick 5 numbers and 1 Thunderball number OK Processing...
Pick 5 numbers and 1 Thunderball number OK Processing...

Play Thunderball online

Thunderball is an atypical lottery with a fixed prize of £500,000 for each of the top winners, which is run by The National Lottery through Camelot.

To play the Thunderball lottery online you can use an online lottery platform like ours, which provides all the convenience of home and the reliability of data and transactions encrypted for security.

As in the vast majority of lotteries it is required that the person playing is of legal age, in order to claim the prizes, if that is the case.

Once you access the Thunderball game page through our platform, a template appears with various columns where you can place your bets, we also call them play lines.

Each column or line will correspond to a bet. These initial columns can be enlarged by clicking on the MORE LINES box, and other columns appear where you can place more bets on the same play. This can be repeated as many times as the number of columns or lines you wish to bet.

To place a bet on a column, 5 of the 39 boxes in the first box must be marked plus a number of the circles numbered between 1 and 14

The bet can be made in two ways, manually, i.e. by directly marking the box of each number that you want to be part of your betting combination. Or, if you wish, you can allow the system itself to choose the betting combination at random, passing the cursor over the top of the column where a box saying “quick selection” will appear and clicking on the box

In the event that the bet is awarded, the prize amount is automatically credited to the user account.

When does Thunderball get raffled off?

Originally there was only a draw on Saturdays, now Thunderball is drawn every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 20:00 GMT

The admission of online tickets through our platform, closes approximately 2 hours before the official time of the draw and reopens again at the end of the draw, to validate tickets for the next draw.

What are the advantages of buying Thunderball online?

Buy Thunderball online, through our platform, allows players from all over the world to buy their tickets, regardless of the country they live in and from any situation, with a simple internet connection and through any device, tablet, mobile or PC

Among many others, these are some of the main advantages of playing through LottoHoy:
– Security in all economic and data transactions
– 24/7 access every day of the year for your purchases and bets.
– Buy your tickets from anywhere in the world, without queues or trips and at any time of the day or night
– With the online purchase, loss or misplacement is avoided, the ticket always remains safely in the user’s account, and the official ticket in the security camera.
– The prizes won are immediately deposited in the user account, and available from the first moment. After the draw has taken place and the official results have been published, the prize amounts won are entered into the user account.
– Be informed of the accumulated jackpots and extraordinary draws.