Christmas arrives and its lotteries

Los anuncios de loteria de Navidad

These are usually dates when more is spent than usual, for the gifts that Santa Claus, also known as Santa Claus, Viejito Pascuero or San Nicolás, brings for children and adults. Christmas is also the time when family gatherings are usually held with abundant banquets and in which joy and good intentions are usually shared […]

Buy lottery draw by draw, or subscribe

loteria sorteo a sorteo o abonarse

Playing the lottery has been a tradition for centuries. Who has never dreamed of being touched by Goddess Fortune? There are occasional players who approach the lottery once a year, coinciding with a specific reason (the Christmas lottery, a large jackpot accumulated in some of the lotteries that pay more, or perhaps an extraordinary draw), […]

Pay lottery with Crypto coins?

Pagar lotería con criptomonedas

If you already have a wallet with some of the best-known digital currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin SV, etc) you are probably already using them for all types of online payments. The use of these digital currencies makes more sense when it is important to avoid government supervision. That’s why they […]

Local payment methods – Piastrix

Piastrix payment method

In addition to the most known electronic purses worldwide as they can be: PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, PaysafeCard, etc., there are other electronic purses that are located mostly in specific areas, as is the case of Piastrix. Piastrix is a virtual wallet that has been designed to simplify the transfer of funds between individuals, the payment […]

Electronic wallets and the online lottery

Monederos electrónicos Skrill y Neteller

We have practically said goodbye to cheques and payment documents, and little by little we will get rid of the physical money. Every day, with more need, we become essential the so-called “electronic wallet” as payment methods. In a time as globalized as the present, where we can access online purchases from anywhere in the […]

Which is better the Primitive or the Quiniela?

Lotería La Primitiva

Both lotteries are framed within the games of chance, but while one, La Primitiva is considered as a lottery of numbers, and is based on a random system of number selection, the Quiniela, can be considered as a game of intuition based on more measurable parameters. The football pool is a type of lottery that […]