Which is better the Primitive or the Quiniela?

Lotería La Primitiva

Both lotteries are framed within the games of chance, but while one, La Primitiva is considered as a lottery of numbers, and is based on a random system of number selection, the Quiniela, can be considered as a game of intuition based on more measurable parameters.

The football pool is a type of lottery that is implemented worldwide, but with a greater implementation in Spain, where it began to be played in 1946, like the TOTOCALCIO in Italy, which dates from the same date.
Both the Primitive and the Quiniela, can be played throughout the year, but in the case of the quiniela, its greater intensity is linked to regular football tournaments.

In Europe, the most popular football competitions usually start in August:

  • In Germany: Bundesliga
  • In Spain: La Liga
  • In France: Ligue 1
  • In England: Premier League
  • In Italy: Serie A

All these championships, as in other parts of the world, where football is the most influential sport, have their own “quinielas”.

Perhaps in the case of Germany and England, the betting system is much stronger than a betting game with 13, 14 or 15 bets to complete the bet.

In Spain with the Primitiva, as in other countries with the appearance of similar lotteries, the balance of interest of La Quiniela was inverted towards La Primitiva.

How La Quiniela and La Primitiva resemble each other

  • The two types of lotteries are organized by the same organizer: Loterías y Apuestas del Estado ( LAE ).
  • They have different categories of prizes.
  • Millionaire jackpots are accumulated for the first category.
  • Single or multiple bets can be made.
  • Several single bets can be made on the same ticket.
  • The bets can be made in person or online.
  • The price is very similar.

Differences between La Primitiva and La Quiniela

Perhaps the main difference is that La Primitiva is exclusively a game of chance, in which randomly the winning combination arises from the extraction of 6 main numbered balls plus another extra ball for the refund. On the other hand, the Quiniela is a set of results of soccer matches included in the ticket, which must specify the winner or winners.

In the betting game, not only plays the factor luck or chance, but is a more personalized game of the player, which offers up to three possibilities in each success, and these possibilities may vary depending on factors of the dynamics of the football match to determine the 1 (win team that plays at home), the X (tie the result of both teams), or the 2 (wins the visiting team).

Very diverse factors can help to adjust the forecast of each encounter, (the potential of one or another team, the current classification, to have knowledge of the strategy of the coaches, the state of the playing field, etc.).
While in the case of La Primitiva it can only help, for those who believe in cabals or statistics, to rely on the combinations based on previous draws for the cold or hot numbers.

Another thing that differentiates them is that to get a minimum prize in La Primitiva, you must match at least the number of the refund, or better still at least 3 of the 6 main numbers.
In La Quiniela, you need to match a minimum of 10 football results from the 14 main matches that make up the ticket.

Prize categories in La Primitiva and La Quiniela

In the lottery La Primitiva there are up to 7 categories of prizes, which are distributed 55% of the proceeds (45% to distribute among 5 categories, and 10% earmarked for the payment of the refund) with the following distribution and possibilities for each category:

Categories Hits % Prizes Probabilities
1st Category 6 numbers 40 % 1 / 13.983.816
2nd Category 5 numbers and complementary

6 % 1 / 2.330.636
3rd Category 5 numbers 13 % 1 / 55.491
4th Category 4 numbers 21 % 1 / 1.032
5th Category 3 numbers 8 € fixed 1 / 57
Refund The refund number 10 % fund 1 / 10

For the payment of prizes in La Quiniela, 55% of the proceeds are also divided between 6 categories, as shown in the table below:

Categories Hits % Prizes Probabilities
Special category 14 hits + Plenary at 15 7,5 % + jackpot 1 / 14.348.907
1st Category 14 hits

16 % 1 / 4,782,969
2nd Category 13 hits 7,5 % 1 / 1.594.323
3rd category 12 hits 7,5 % 1 / 531.441
4th category 11 hits 7,5 % 1 / 177.147
5th category 10 hits 9 % 1 / 59.049

Jackpots of La Primitiva and La Quiniela

With the appearance in the market of European lotteries such as Euromillions and Eurojackpot, with guaranteed minimum prizes for the special category and the possibility of accumulating jackpots of up to €190,000,000 in Euromillions and €90,000,000 in Eurojackpot, to which should be added the possibility of opting for much larger prizes in other world lotteries playing online, the collections of La Primitiva and La Quiniela have been reduced considerably.

However, both are still a very good option to participate and win succulent prizes.

Let’s take a look at the historical jackpots each of them has reached:

Big jackpots la Primitiva
Big Jackpots La Quiniela


Amount Dates


15/10/2015 98.440.117 € 2/10/2005 9.089.888 €
3/1/2019 78.585.996 € 10/3/1996 8.462.504 €
30/7/2016 67.041.919 € 18/3/2007 6.262.679 €
3/8/2013 66.601.720 € 30/9/2001 6.182.856 €
23/11/2017 45.785.634 € 21/12/2012 5.726.292 €