The most popular numbers in the SuperEnalotto

The most popular numbers in the SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto is perhaps one of the most curious lottery games because of its precedents. What is known today as SuperEnalotto, was introduced towards the end of 1997, when it came to replace the game of Enalotto, which was in force since the 50s. The game ticket was very similar to the football betting game, where […]

Different ways to win in the lottery

Formas de ganar la loteria

Everything played, to a greater or lesser extent, dreams of winning the lottery. Even those who, without being regular players, sometimes feel the tingle of tempting luck. And luck has to be, because it is a game of chance, for which no magic tricks or infallible mathematical experiments are useful, although sometimes it helps a […]

Positive thinking also helps to win the lottery

Pensamiento positivo

At times we may have been struck by the sight of a friend, an acquaintance or even a neighbor who is characterized by hoping for the best of the future and being calm with his environment regardless of the difficulties, and always doing well. This is called positive thinking. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. […]

What Happens to Uncollected Lottery Prizes

Premios lotería no cobrados

You’ve never wondered what happens to unclaimed lottery prizes? Statistics say that between 30 and 70% of the prizes are not claimed. Usually these are small prizes to which players do not give much importance, in other cases is that the winners never came to know that they had won, also happens to lose the […]

Can the Brexit affect Euromillions?

Brexit will affect Euromillions

After the Brexit referendum (the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union), the economic repercussions that this exit can have by not having a free trade agreement are being discussed. But can this affect the EuroMillions players in the UK? Playing EuroMillions will not be affected at all by the exit, and will remain a […]

What is the Leidsa lotto?

Juegos de Leidsa

Leidsa is the acronym for “Lotería Electrónica Internacional Dominicana, SA” the first company that was allowed to manage the electronic gambling game in the Dominican Republic, whose motto is “LEIDSA, your only Lotto”. Through this Leidsa game solution, players are offered the possibility to access up to a total of 8 games and their different […]