Tris, Mexico’s rapid lottery

Tris lotería Mexicana

Tris is a very particular game, it is different in its concept, in its way of playing and betting, in the prizes, in the draws. Mexicans have in Tris one of their favourite games, this is due to the amount of draws that are made and the amount of the prizes that are distributed, besides, […]

Chispazo, easy or difficult lottery?

Lotería chispazo mexicana

Chispazo, the Mexican lottery, is complex to determine whether it is easier or more difficult to win than any other lottery, as it is a game of chance, and therefore something that cannot be predicted. Its degree of difficulty is determined by how it compares to other lotteries around the world. We have made a […]

Melate, Revancha and Revanchita

Melate la lotería mexicana

The Melate lottery is part of Mexico’s national lottery, and more specifically of Pronósticos para la Asistencia Pública, a decentralised public body of the State of Mexico whose main purpose is to raise funds through betting, destined for public assistance. Melate is the Mexican lottery most similar to other world lotteries, such as those that […]

What lottery is better, Melate or La Primitiva?

Que es mejor Melate o Primitiva

Melate is part of the set of games and lotteries managed by the National Lottery of Mexico and Forecasts for Public Assistance (Institution of the Mexican government created with the purpose of raising funds that are then earmarked for public assistance). Differences between Melate and La Primitiva. Possibly many Mexican players, know the lotteries of […]

The numbers that come out most in the Bonoloto

Most frequent numbers in la bonoloto

The first draw of the Bonoloto was held on February 28, 1988. At that time the raffles were held every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday every week. The draw held on March 30, 2015, was the first of a new stage in which the draws would be held every day from Monday to Saturday inclusive. […]

The numbers that come out the most in La Primitiva

Most frequent numbers in la primitiva

On the lotteries based on the extraction of numbered balls, as is the case of the Primitiva, all numbers have the same possibilities to come out. The Primitiva is a draw that takes place every Thursday and Saturday, in which 6 main balls are drawn (between 1 and 49), plus a seventh ball for the […]