Tris, Mexico’s rapid lottery

Tris lotería Mexicana

Tris is a very particular game, it is different in its concept, in its way of playing and betting, in the prizes, in the draws. Mexicans have in Tris one of their favourite games, this is due to the amount of draws that are made and the amount of the prizes that are distributed, besides, it is a lottery game of fast modality.

Tris is a lottery where you can participate daily betting from 1.00 peso, with a minimum guaranteed prize of 5.00 pesos in case of playing with only one number.

Nothing to do with the lotteries of great multimillionaire prizes like the American Powerball or MegaMillions, the European Euromillions, Eurojackpot, SuperEnaloto, or the Gordo de la Primitiva in Spain among many others in other countries.

Tris is possibly one of the easiest, most accessible and economic number games, in which the player himself decides how much he wants to win depending on the bet he places.

How to play Tris in Mexico

Playing Tris consists of choosing from 1 to 5 numbers between 0 and 9 to fill in the circles provided by the game.

The game ticket consists of 3 columns with circles or boxes, named A, B, and C, so that up to 3 bets can be placed in any of the modalities allowed by its rules.

  • Direct
  • Super locks
  • Super pair
  • Combo Tris

You can place bets from as little as 1 peso (1 TXN) thanks to its various game modes depending on the numbers that are played and how they are played. Let’s take a look at the different modalities:

How to play Directas?

This is the easiest way to play Tris. Within this Direct mode, you can play Direct 3, Direct 4 or Direct 5.

Direct 3

The Straight 3 consists of choosing 3 numbers between 0 and 9 and placing them in the squares in the order you want, using the three squares or circles to the right of the column.

The price of this bet is 1 peso, but you can bet on this combination as many pesos as you wish, the prize in case of success will be the equivalent of multiplying the amount of the bet by 500.

(If you bet 1 peso, the prize is 500 pesos (MXN), if you bet 10 pesos (MXN), the prize is 5,000 pesos (MXN). The odds of winning are 1 in 1000

Straight 4

Direct 4, is the same situation as above, but in this case you must choose 4 numbers between 0 and 9 and place them in the corresponding boxes.

The payout in this case is 5,000 pesos (MXN) for each peso bet. The odds of winning in this case are 1 in 10,000.

Straight 5

In this case, there will be 5 numbers that you will have to choose and fill in the 5 boxes or circles. The prize for this bet is 50,000 pesos (MXN) for every peso bet, and the odds of winning are 1 in 100,000.

How to play Super Padlocks?

Super Padlocks allow you to place a multiple bet on Straight 3 and Straight 4 plays on a single ticket.

There are different ways to play Super Padlocks, depending on the numbers you want to bet on and the amount you want to pay.

This is the Straight 4 bet

  • Super Padlock 24, also simplified to Super 24, consists of combining the 4 numbers selected between 0 and 9, to cover all possible combinations. This is equivalent to reducing the 10,000 possible combinations to just 24, and the odds of winning are calculated as 1 in 416, at a price of 24 pesos (MXN).
  • Super Padlock 12, also simplified as Super 12, in this case we contemplate the possibility that 2 of the 4 numbers chosen between 0 and 9 are the same. In this case and making the possible combinations, we reduce the possibilities from 10.000 to 12 combinations for a price of only 12 pesos (MXN), but the probabilities of winning are 1 in 833.33.
  • Super Padlock 6, also known as Super 6, we now contemplate the possibility of 2 pairs of matching numbers being played, reducing the combinations to 6 and a payout of only 6 pesos (MXN), but the odds of winning are 1 in 1,667.
  • Super Padlock 3, known as Super 3, following the same rule as above, but now the combination consists of 3 of the 4 numbers being the same. The cost of the bet is only 3 peses (MXN), and the odds of winning become 1 in 2,500.

Straight 3

Within the Straight 3 bet, there are two possibilities: Super 6 and Super 3.

To play Super 6, a combination of 3 different numbers between 0 and 9 is considered, in order to fill only the 3 boxes or circles on the right of the column.

Here, the aim is to get as many combinations as possible between these 3 digits to cover 6 bets for the price of 6 pesos (MXN) and be eligible for a prize of 500 pesos (MXN). The odds of winning are 1 in 167

In the Super 3, as in the previous case, but now 2 of the three digits chosen are the same, the odds of winning are 1 in 167.

In Super 3, as in the previous case, but now 2 of the three digits chosen are the same, the odds of winning are 1 in 333.33, at a price of 3 pesos (MXN).

How to play Súper Par?

It is played together with Tris in its basic mode, and 1 out of 4 players wins a prize.

When you buy the classic or direct mode of Tris, you must expressly indicate to the seller that you want to play Super Par.

In the official ticket appears randomly generated by the system an extra combination of 5 digits, and just below this, an amount in value of the prize that will be obtained in case of matching any of these numbers, (as long as it appears in the same order from right to left).

  • Final Pair, this indicates that the player is betting on matching the two final numbers in the order indicated. He has 1 chance in 100 of winning and his prize will be 50,00 pesos (MXN) for each peso bet.
  • Initial pair, as in the previous case, the player in this case bets on matching the two initial numbers in the order he/she has indicated. The odds of winning are also 1 in 100, and the prize will also be 50.00 pesos (MXN) for each peso bet.
  • Final, in this case it is played to match the final number in the order indicated. The probability of success is 1 in 10, and the prize will be 5.00 pesos (MXN) for each peso bet.
  • Initial, here the bet is oriented to match the initial number in the indicated order, and also the probabilities of winning are 1 in 10 to opt for a prize of 5,00 pesos (MXN) for each peso bet.

How to play Combo Tris?

Combo Tris, is another possibility of the same game and that allows to increase the probabilities of winning, when taking advantage of the same numbers and in the same positions that were used for the bet Direct 5.

Combo 7

Combo 7 includes all the games (7 in total) that we have seen above: Straight 5, Straight 4, Straight 3, Final Pair, Initial Pair, Final and Initial.

It is won when the combination predicted by the player, matches the winning combination drawn, in any of the modalities indicated.

To understand it a little more, let’s see some examples, when we have chosen a combination, for example: 63271.

    • You have a prize if the initial 6 appears
    • You have a prize if the initial 63 appears
    • You win if you match any combination containing 3271, 271, 71 or 1 at the end.
    • In case of matching all 5 numbers exactly and in the same order and direction, you win the prize of Straight 5, plus Straight 4, plus Straight 3, etc…up to a total of 7 bets to indicate the final prize. A total of 48 chances to win Combo 10, is the same situation as in the case of Combo 7, but when you have chosen for Straight 5 and the numbers Final and Initial, a bet of value 2,00 pesos (MXN).

Combo 10

It is the same situation as in the case of Combo 7, but when you have chosen for Straight 5 and the numbers Final and Initial, a bet of value 2 pesos (MXN).

The system also allows the player to create his own Combo, indicating on the ticket how many modes he wants to participate in.

How to play Tris to win?

Making the combination to play Tris, can be done by taking a blank ticket and having the player fill in the combination of games for aporstar.

By dictating the combinations to the agent, who will enter them directly into the gaming system, indicating the date of the game, the number of bets, the mode, the amount to bet and the numbers chosen.

Another possibility is to rely on chance, and let the system itself make the combination of numbers in a random way. This is called the Trismatic system.

How much is the Tris game worth?

The minimum bet is $1.00 peso, but due to the different game modes you can get more prizes depending on the numbers played and the mode.

That is to say, the more money you play, the more prizes you can win.

What days and at what time is the draw?

The draws take place 5 times a day, every day of the week. Automatically, as soon as the sale of each draw closes, the draw takes place:

  • Tris Noon, at 13:00 h. Mexico City local time.
  • Tris de la Tres, at 15:00 h. Mexico City local time.
  • Tris Extra, at 17:00 h. Mexico City local time.
  • Tris de las Siete, at 19:00 h. Mexico City local time.
  • Tris Classic, at 21:15 h. Mexico City local time.

Award levels in

As previously mentioned, in the Tris game, the minimum price of a play ranges from 1.00 peso, to as much as you wish to invest as you set up your play. The more you invest, the more chances you have of winning.

In the following box, we show in a more graphic way and so that it is better understood that according to the investment made, the modality of game chosen and the amount of bets, the chances of obtaining some prize, are the following ones:

Award possibilities

Directa 5 Directa 4 Directa 3 Par final Par inicial Final Inicial
1 / 100,000 1 / 10,000 1 / 1,000 1 / 100 1 / 100 1 / 10 1 / 10

Example of a bet, for each peso ($1) of investment, and the prize that is obtained

Let’s take for example a winning combination consisting of the numbers 00000
00000 X0000 XX000 XXX00 00XXX XXXX0 0XXXX
$50,000 $5,000 $500 $50 $50 $5 $5

Do Tris prizes expire?

Tris prizes can be claimed up to 60 days after the draw has taken place. If prizes are not claimed within 60 days, uncollected prizes will accumulate in the Federation’s Treasury for the benefit of Public Assistance.

How are Tris prizes collected?

To claim the payment of a Tris lottery prize, and depending on the amount (up to $3,000), at any branch of a bank authorised by Pronósticos.

The prizes of up to $9,999 can be cashed in cash or cheque in the same instant that it is presented going to the central offices of the National Lottery for the Public Assistance, presenting the document of valid official identification and justifying residence with some domiciliary voucher of antiquity not superior to three months.

In the case of a prize equal to or greater than $10,000, the payment will be made by a nominative check exclusively in the name of the applicant.

Lottery Taxes

All prizes are subject to state tax plus 1% federal tax. Depending on your location in the country, the total tax percentage may vary. In Zacatecas 2.65%, Veracruz 6.99%, Durango 6.95%, Morelos 6%, Puebla 1% and the rest of the Mexican Republic 7%.

More detailed information on these taxes can be found here.

The most frequent numbers in the Tris

There are always certain numbers that seem to be more cheerful than others, that is to say that they come up more frequently to bring joy to their bettors.

Let’s see in this box those numbers that have come up more often lately, in each column:

Columna 1 Columna 2 Columna 3 Columna 4 Columna 5
1 1571 1609 1630 1532 1564
2 1590 1536 1557 1589 1595
3 1601 1611 1549 1603 1563
4 1552 1566 1554 1535 1589
5 1620 1581 1566 1581 1650
6 1533 1568 1567 1568 1584
7 1596 1597 1660 1602 1567
8 1605 1548 1590 1632 1617
9 1619 1631 1541 1592 1525
0 1472 1612 1645 1625 1605