LOTTERIES: Bargain or Risk

Under this title LOTTERIES: “Bargain or Risk” we are going to make a small review of emotions, both from the player”s point of view and from the point of view of any gambling organizer. In the world of lotteries both “Bargain and risks” can affect both game parties, and that is precisely what makes it […]

The advertisement of the 2017 Christmas Lottery

This year, so far, is unknown what advertisers have devised for the ad of the 2017 Christmas Lottery. Will they bring back the Christmas Bald again? Will they surprise us with another musical? For sure they are already working hard on its elaboration and postproduction, because as every year in early November this advertisement appears […]

The biggest prizes in EuroMillions history

It is curious the way it is foreseen that the maximum prize limit will only reach up to 190 million euros, currently the limit is 230 million euros, and it is foreseen that it will reach 250 million euros. In the event that the jackpot, or the sum of jackpots, should exceed all the funds […]