The biggest prizes in EuroMillions history

It is curious the way it is foreseen that the maximum prize limit will only reach up to 190 million euros, currently the limit is 230 million euros, and it is foreseen that it will reach 250 million euros.

In the event that the jackpot, or the sum of jackpots, should exceed all the funds coming from the sale of tickets that should be used to increase the jackpot, they will have to be transferred to the next winning category.

Moreover, if there is no jackpot winner in the fourth draw with 230 million, the entire amount will be divided among the winners of the next category. This means that a large number of millionaires can be created in a single night.

Biggest EuroMillions jackpot

On Friday, October 15, a single winning ticket, validated in France, wins the maximum jackpot set at that time at 220 million euros.

The maximum jackpot for the next draw cycle is increased by ten million euros.

Until that date, the biggest jackpot was on August 10, 2012, the record amount was won by Adrian Bayford, a 41 year old British man who together with his wife Gillian, posed smiling and toasting before the press with his huge check.

It was the highest prize possible to date and was the consequence of the accumulation of prizes, due to the fact that in the previous draw there were no winners and therefore according to the provisions of the regulations, upon reaching that amount, the prize should be awarded no matter what.

Since in case there were no winter on the first category (5 + 2) the amount would be distributed among the second or subsequent category winners.

But that extraordinary Friday, August 12, Adrian hit the full combination and pocketed €148,656,000 (€ 190,000,000)

Two years later, on October 24, 2014, another person was awarded the same prize amount. This time it was an anonymous player, a ticket sealed in Portugal, who is not known for sure to date, although much has been speculated about.

Of the nine European lottery organizations that make up the EuroMillions, France is the country where most winners of the 1st category are from, closely is Spain in the second place, and the least fortunate is Luxembourg with only 2 winners until the date.

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