What is the Leidsa lotto?

Juegos de Leidsa

Leidsa is the acronym for “Lotería Electrónica Internacional Dominicana, SA” the first company that was allowed to manage the electronic gambling game in the Dominican Republic, whose motto is “LEIDSA, your only Lotto”.

Through this Leidsa game solution, players are offered the possibility to access up to a total of 8 games and their different draws:

Loto (the main draw and the one with the most volume of play) – Loto Plus Loto Pool – Paste 3 More – Palé Quiniela – Tripleta – Súper Palé – Super Kino TV (Kino Más) – Quiniela – Palé y Quinielón.

Leidsa Lottery games

  • Loto: The Loto it is raffled every Wednesday and Saturday around 8:55 p.m. local time. The game consists of matching 6 numbers from a table made up of 38 squares numbered from 1 to 38 respectively.

With a price per bet of RD $ 30.00. The collection amount is divided among 4 prize categories, the winners of 3, 4 or 5 perceive expected percentages for each category, while the first category acertante (6 hits) receives the main prize.

  • Loto Más: with the same characteristics and the same winning combination, the Loto Más players, through a supplement of RD $ 20.00, must select an extra ball as a complementary number, from an account that contains 10 balls numbered from 1 to 10 respectively.

The winners of 5, 4 and 3 hits increase the amount of prize allocated to these categories, while the prize for the first category opts to a cumulative minimum of 50 million pesos.

  • Loto Pool: The game consists of selecting 5 numbers out of 31, the bet has a price of RD $ 20.00.

Two weekly draws, held on Saturdays at 8:55 p.m. and on Sundays at 5:55 p.m. local.

The winners of 5 numbers have an assigned prize of RD $ 1,000,000, the winners of 4 numbers receive a fixed RD $ 5,000.00 while the acertantes of 3 numbers receive RD $ 50.00

  • Pega 3 más: The draw is held from Monday to Saturday at 20:55 h. and also on Sundays at 5:55 p.m. local.

Selecting 3 numbers between 0 and 50 respectively, has a price of RD $ 10.00 each bet, and the winners choose RD $ 30,000 for the winners of 3 numbers, RD $ 600 for the winners of 2 numbers and with 1 number you get the return of the bet RD $ 10.00.

  • Quiniela Palé: This raffle also validates Quiniela, Palé, Súper Palé and Quinielón or Tripleta.

The draw has three drums containing 100 balls each, numbered from 0 to 99. From each drum one ball is drawn, which will identify the result of first, second and third.

The amount of the bet is RD $ 5.00 each, and you choose the prize by hitting:

  • The first ball drawn, with a prize of RD & 60.00 for each weight bet.
  • The second ball with a prize of RD $ 8.00 for each weight wagered.
  • The third ball with a prize RD $ 4 per weight bet.

hitting pairs of numbers, is paid as follows:

  • First and second ball drawn, RD $ 1,000.00 per wagered weight
  • First and third ball drawn RD $ 1,000.00 for each weight bet.
  • Second and third ball drawn RD $ 100.00 for each weight bet.
  • The triple: it consists of hitting the three numbers of the draw for Quiniela and Palé

The 3 numbers are correct, you get a prize of RD $ 20,000.00 for each peso bet, while, if 2 numbers are correct, the prize is RD $ 100.00 for each peso wagered.

  • Super Palé: It is perhaps the most novel game, and consists of placing bets to win the 1st prize of the Quiniela and Palé Electrónico Draw and the 1st prize of the National Lottery Draw.

The minimum bet price is RD $ 1.00, for opt for a prize of RD $ 3000.00 for each weight wagered.

  • Super Kino TV: The game consists of selecting 10 balls from a drum containing 100 balls numbered from 0 to 99, and at the time of the draw, 20 balls are drawn.

They are held every day from Monday to Saturday at 8:55 pm and on

Sundays at 5:55 pm. local.

The price of the bet is RD $ 25.00 and it serves for 3 different predictions in the same ticket.

The following successes are awarded:

  • 10 hits, has a prize of RD $ 25 million.
  • 9 hits, has a prize of RD $ 150,000.00.
  • 8 hits, has a prize of RD $ 10,000.00.
  • 7 hits, has a prize of RD $ 1,000.00.
  • 6 hits, has a prize of RD $ 300.00.
  • 5 hits, has a prize of RD $ 60.00.
  • 0 hits, has an award equivalent to the return of what was paid.

Comparison between the games of Leidsa for their draws

It is not easy to establish an exact comparison between the various types of games and raffles, since the offer is very wide and in some cases when dealing with games organized by private banks, they are governed to indicate the prizes based on the scrutinies of other games or benches.





Hits Category



1st prize

Loto RD $ 30 2 June 38 4 Cast
Loto Más RD $ 50 2 June 38 +1 1 50 million
Loto Pool RD $ 20 2 May 31 May 1Million
Pega 3 más RD $ 10 7 3 of 50 3 30,000
Palé Quiniela RD $ 5 7 3 of 100 3 300 x bet
Triplet RD $ 1 7 3 of 100 3 20,000 x RD$1
Super Palé RD $ 1 7 3 of 100 1 3,000 x RD$1
Super Kino TV RD $ 25 7 10 of 80 7 25 million