Buy lottery draw by draw, or subscribe

loteria sorteo a sorteo o abonarse

Playing the lottery has been a tradition for centuries. Who has never dreamed of being touched by Goddess Fortune?

There are occasional players who approach the lottery once a year, coinciding with a specific reason (the Christmas lottery, a large jackpot accumulated in some of the lotteries that pay more, or perhaps an extraordinary draw), while others regularly play continuous draws, either a specific lottery or several, for that of diversifying.

The times have advanced and thanks to new technologies and the Internet, the game habits in the lottery have been changing opening to new possibilities.

The habit of going to an official lottery sales office every time you want to participate in a draw is now behind you. Nowadays it is common to find points of sale through terminals in places as diverse as a supermarket, a tobacconist’s office or a press sales kiosk, online lottery sales platforms, etc. The Internet has made it easy!

What until recently was ticket sales with the printed combination, today and thanks to online connections at the points of sale, you have the possibility to dispense various lotteries and do it for one or more subsequent draws.

Also and as a further step in that direction, the emergence of online lottery sales platforms, allow players anywhere in the world, buy tickets for international lotteries, without having to move from your comfort point, whether your home, work, the bar or any situation as long as you simply have an Internet connection.

This same feeling of comfort, has led some players to participate in a particular lottery for a draw or “buy” in advance as a “season ticket” for several draws later dates, or even preset a specific date of purchase in advance.

Which is better, buy lottery draw by draw, or buy in advance for several subsequent draws? Both situations have players for and against!

In favor of playing lottery draw by draw

All situations have advantages and disadvantages. Playing draw by draw has its sales, which curiously coincide with the disadvantages of playing early draws.

Let’s see some advantages of playing just one draw, from the perspective of online shopping:

  • Lower investment, either for one lottery, or diversify into several lotteries.
  • Guide the purchase for a specific draw (an important jackpot, an extraordinary draw, etc…)
  • Control the money available to play (bankroll)
  • Skip those draws that have reduced the main prize for having delivered the jackpot accumulated

In favor of playing several lotteries in advance

There are also multiple advantages of buying lottery in advance for subsequent draws. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of buying online:

  • The convenience of not having to worry about the date and time of the various draws.
  • No obligation to travel to the point of sale for each draw.
  • Purchases and plays are reflected in the user account, without fear of loss or forgetfulness.
  • No draw is overlooked
  • To be able to diversify in the same purchase, different raffles and different lotteries.
  • To be able to play several draws with the same combination in advance