Florida Lotto FAQ

Florida Lotto was born as an idea of a lottery in 1986 with majority support from the people of Florida, resulting from the governor of the time, Bob Martinez’s endorsement. But it was not until January 12th, 1988, that the first draw was held.

Florida Lotto Rules

The Florida Lotto is an easy lottery to understand and play. In the single-bet ticket, the player must choose six numbers from 53 possibilities. .

Additionally, with the same ticket, the main play can be complemented with the EZmatch, which, for the cost of $1, gives players a chance to win instant cash.
In this complementary game, six  numbers are added to the ticket, so that if any of these numbers match any of the numbers in the main combination, the player instantly wins the prize amount shown, with up to six  chances.

Another way to win more with the Florida Lotto is to add the XTRAS add-on feature. Simply by checking the XTRAS box on the ticket and with an added price of $1, the player can multiply the prize amount of any category, except the first category or jackpot, by up to five times as much.

(Both EZmatch and XTRAS not available on LottoHoy at this time).

Advantages of playing the Florida Lotto online

  • You won’t have to travel all the way to the state of Florida in the USA to participate in their million-dollar jackpots.
  • Through LottoHoy, you have access to  lotteries all over the world, like the Florida Lotto from any mobile device, tablet or desktop computer.
  • Constant information about all the draws  and jackpots that roll over  and prizes that are won and many more things.
  • It is safe and reliable in all transactions to make deposits or withdrawals.
  • If you win a prize,  the prize amount is automatically deposited into your user account.

Are Florida Lotto prizes taxable?

Yes, all prizes over $600 are subject to a federal withholding tax of 28% (non-residents and overseas players, 30%).

What are the odds of winning the Florida Lotto jackpot?

The odds of winning the Florida Lotto jackpot are 1 in 22,957,480. This makes it one of the lotteries with one of the highest odds of winning.

What are the odds of winning any Florida Lotto prize?

The odds of winning a prize in any category in the standard game are 1 in 67.36.
In the case of playing the XTRAS option, the odds are 1 in 7.61.